I am SO angry that I am SHAKING

  1. OMG, I cannot believe this! I won a Hermes Herbag described as “mint/immaculate”, and received a damaged bag (corners were dirty, there were stains, etc.). I immediately sent him an email to appraise him of the situation, and when he did not respond I filed a dispute with paypal the next day. Anyways, after some not so pleasant back-and-forth and with me showing him pictures of where the bag is damaged, HE escalated the dispute to a claim, and is now saying that I inflicted the damages myself and that he has 3 sworn statements that the bag was pristine, etc. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. I only time I have handled the bag was when I first took it out of the box, noticed the damages, freaked, and started taking pictures of the stains, etc.
    Seriously, the blood is rushing to my head! If paypal somehow sides with him, I don’t know what I’ll do!!
    Thanks for letting me rant…. I’m really going crazy here.
  2. I hate it when something like that happens -

    Stupid – I hope he will give you your money back… :crybaby:

    Tina - Denmark
  3. Make sure you notify your credit card company. The should always be on your side.
  4. I would also take it to your local Hermes store (if you are near one) to get an estimate to find out how much it will be to repair and clean. Maybe you and your seller can arrive at some sort of agreement on this if you want to keep the bag.

    If you don't want to keep it, definitely contact your CC company to see what they want you to do.
  5. Paypal usually side with the buyer so you will probably be okay. Tell the seller you want your money back and send the bag back to him. Make sure he has to sign for it.
  6. Be sure to get good pictures of the bag, and also the auction pics as well if they are still available. Print out the auciton as well. If worse comes to worse you can file a report in the sellers state with the District attorneys office.
  7. Please do not send the bag back unless paypal tells you to do so. They may want the bag for evidence.
  8. dont count on paypal. go through your CC and file a chargeback.
  9. this happened to me once before. i bought shoes for my boyfriend and they came damaged and yellowed, definitely not as described.

    i went on ups.com, company the package was sent through, and entered my tracking number, copied and pastied the entire page stating the time and date the package was received at my house, then emailed it to myself.

    after that, i took pictures of the damages with my digital camera and set the time&date display to ON so when i upload the pictures, they'll have the date/time stamp on it.

    told the seller he snad, he claimed i inflicted the damages myself, thennn..

    i forwarded both the tracking page and pictures to the seller and he had no room for erroneous claims because the time frame between receiving the package and taking the pictures was slim to none. i didn't have sufficient time to "inflict damages" myself.

    i know this might not help in this case because the pictures were already taken, just for future reference!

    i'm sorry. i hope you get a full refund! as sabrina said, go to the CC company asap!
  10. I didn't use a CC -- I don't have one, so I just use bank transfer ... Yikes!
  11. NEVER EVER VER VERVEREV ER EVER use bank transfers girl! unless this is someone you KNOW, you KNOW people who have had sucessful transactions through bank transfers or something!

    Never use western union, avoid money orders whenever possible and don't do wire transfers!

    Oh girlie, fight the good fight and good luck! im pulling for you!
  12. Are the pictures of the bag still in the auction?

    I would print the auction in color if possible, or do a screen capture.

    I agree, you need to get a credit card if you are going to buy on eBay.
  13. Did the auction pictures not give a good view of the stains or was he deliberately trying to hide them?
  14. Leave him a negative, now.

    With any luck, he'll decide the negative is too damaging to his shady business and he'll agree to refund you, with the hope that he can get you to remove it.

    Whatever you do, don't agree to remove the negative, until after he's refunded you. You shouldn't really remove it once he has refunded you, either.

    Good luck and please keep us posted about what happens! :biggrin:
  15. Thanks for the encouragements!
    He listed the item as mint/immaculate, and the pictures on the auction page did not provide any view on the areas that are stained. There is one VERY purple stain at the bottom of an interior pocket, and the picture showing that pocket was angled in such a way that you do not see the bottom. UGH.
    Well I'm going to be optimistic, because I won't let this ruin my weekend!