I am so angry right now

  1. So my dog ate a slice of pizza and had an alergic reaction (super swollen face, red all over, and extremly hot to touch)...so I rushed her to a vet clinic down the street. I walked in (never been there before) and asked about SEEING the vet. The receptionsit said the vet was in surgery but she would be out in like 15min, and it would take longer to go to a different clinic so just wait there. I did and my dog was happy and wanting to play with a dog that was leaving. Then about 10min after we waited the receptionsit came over and said she needed to weigh my dog, picked her up, and took her to another room. All of a sudden she comes back out and says my dog has had 3 shots and a bill of $120...I NEVER saw the vet. Never talked to the vet, never got any after care instructions, NOTHING...

    Apparently my pup got a shot of benedryl (understandable), steriods to make the benedryl work faster (just made my dog's heart race, skidish, and weird), and then some shot for $25 to make her stomach not upset....I never gave consent to give my dog shots. I wasn't present, so how do I know the vet was even in and gave my dog a shot....

    Super sketchy and I am so upset. My dog is still super swollen and red and skiddish now...

  2. Ahh! I'm sorry this happened! Maybe take her to a different emergency vet? Or else at lesat give another vet a call? Hope your puppy feels better soon.
  3. I hope your little dog recovers soon! Poor thing!!! I have always had lots of pets and they have never received any treatment without my permission, nor received an exam without me being present.

    I understand why you are upset!

    All the best to your pooch!
  4. I agree. Call and demand to speak to the vet who gave these shots. Even at my regular non emergency vet there's a long process (it seems) when any care is given. Usually price and such is quickly discussed before care. If the swelling persists take him to a true emergency vet.
  5. Yes, that is good advice! Come to think of it when I took my puppy to the emergency vet that was the procedure too.

    Besides, it seems the vet would want to know exactly what was on the pizza, or what else your dog may have been exposed to and would need to speak with you directly.

    Let us know what happens.
  6. Thanks...

    You have all made me feel better. I tried calling the vet and they are closed. My dog is getting better, I gave her some ice to lick and put some on her belly to cool her off. I am still upset but not as much
  7. That would really tick me off.

    I would definitely want to speak to the vet...preferably in person. I cannot believe they treated your dog and did not speak with you or have you sign any papers. I really think I would march in there and ask to speak with him. They wouldn't treat a human without lots of papers being signed etc. and the doctor speaking to the patient.
  8. Oh dear!:sad: :sad: I'm really sad to hear this happened to your poor doggy...i hope she will be feeling better soon:flowers:

    It seems extremely unprofessional, and rather odd, to give a dog, or any animal, for that matter, veterinary treatment without your consent??:wtf:
    And no consultation? What right did the receptionist have to scoop your dog up and take her to a room without your say-so, even if it was just to weigh her?

    If it were me i would be making a complaint and demanding an explanation for the poor 'service'

    I would also be seeking proof that your dog was given what you were told she was given.

    Good luck and hugs for pooch! xx:flowers:
  9. While I am very very sure that the majority of vets are great, I think that vet care has becomea bit of a scam. When, at the end of his life, I had to rush my doggie to the vet they demanded a deposit of $1,000 and after 3 days of crappy care the total bill was $2,800. Then after the dog had to be put to sleep, they sent me another bill for $800. I have a neighbor who used to be a vet tech who told me that it is the norm now for some vets to charge for things that were never done, especially if the animal is left overnight. Sorry this happened. I hope you find another vet in case your doggie ever becomes ill.
  10. I hope you find another vet too! What they did was completely unprofessional and unacceptable! I hope your doggy feels better soon.
  11. Aww... poor doggie. :sad: I know how your dog feels right now since my rashes (allergic reaction from bad sunblock) won't go away. :Push: I hope your doh feels better soon.
  12. I would be furious if my dog would get that kind of treatment. I hope he feels better poor thing.
  13. you need to be in the vets system before they can even look at your dog.. and you said it was your first time there.. so that doesnt even make sense.

    clearly a totally sketchy situation.. id prolly get my dog checked out at his/her regular vet just to make sure he's completely ok, and the shots were necessary..

    thats really really weird.. too weird.. sketchy vet much
  14. I totally understand why you are upset as another pet owner. I wouldn't be happy if that happened to me and my dog. You should let them know how you feel and how unhappy you are about they way they treated your dog as a patient and you as a dog owner.
  15. That is strange that you didn't even get to see the vet... did you look at the bill though? Mine are always itemized and some days when we go in just for somethign quick (like one time one of my cats needed a series of shots) i just got charged for the shots and not for the vet's time.

    Regardless, you should've been consulted before the shots were given and told what to look for if there were more problems or adverse reactions to the shots. I would complain and never go back there!