I am SO angry right now

  1. :rant::censor::mad::rant::rant::censor::mad:
  2. why, whats up?
  3. There's one match left :shame::shame::shame:
  4. between who? lol i'm not good with this whole football thing!
  5. Go Ghana go,go :lol: .

    At least you're mad,Vlad...it seems half the Czech supporter stand is crying....:cry:
  6. I'm shocked! I don't think anyone saw it coming.
  7. yeah...I mean,I was very impressed with the Czechs against the US....was this the same team?

    Not to take anything away from Ghana...they won,fair and square.
  8. I'm Argentinian, so I'm still celebrating :roflmfao: (ops, sorry Vlad!!!)
  9. thats how i feel with mexico.....iran needs to beat portugal....and WE ALL KNOW THAT AINT HAPPENING!!
  10. Come on Vlad, let it all out!!:graucho:
  11. He is mad enough to be acting like a 2 yr old that needs a burping, diaper change, and nap.... HA!
  12. Bah.. it's just a game.

    Then again, it's just purses.. obsessive, addictive purses.
  13. my boyfriend refuses to talk while the games are on.

    i could steal his car, his money, dance naked, and he wouldnt even notice. LOL :lol:
  14. :lol: :lol: :lol: I hope Vlad feels better soon!
  15. Aww Vlad... :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: