I am so afraid buying from ebay...

  1. I already have two speedys, Mono 30 and epi 25 red. But I can't help looking for another cherry speedy to buy. For now, I can only find used cherry speedy on ebay, can you suggest any seller who only sells authenticate LVs.
  2. hey bagworm you know what you can do??? you can post up links to the listings you find on eBay of LV bags in the Authenticate Thiswhich is a STICKY at the very top of this thread!
    There are LOADS of PF members who are TOTALLY awesome in helping you out with anything to with LV!!!
    good luck!!
  3. i would check the MPRS and post the link the 'authenticate this!' section...
  4. I know that the cherries are supposed to have blue eyes. Sounds stupid, but it's true!
  5. let-trade on ebay - totally legit and often has the cherry speedy available. Contact him - maybe he can find one for you.
  6. Ebay also has a purse forum, under community, handbags & accessories, etc.
    A lot of the posters post here, too, but I would ask there too. You're not allowed to post the auction number, but you can copy and paste the auction title and ask for opinions. You'll get reliable information from about 10 people within an hour.
    And yes, you SHOULD be afraid. I've seen fake Cerises Speedy's go for $700 - $800 on ebay.
  7. There is one on the My Poupette auction site that looks to be in good condition.
  8. I agree. Keep your eye on let-trade's auctions and maybe one will turn up.
  9. Thanks for all the replies. You guys are so nice.
  10. I hope you find one.
  11. Yah, I was totally afraid of Ebay myself. The only seller I have been buying from is Let-Trade. He's awesome and he has everything. It gets to you really fast, too.
  12. If I were you i would avoid ebay as much as I can. If you are in the US or in the UK eluxury.com or vuitton.com are the keys to buy online with serenity.
  13. I think if you buy from an MPRS you should be OK.
  14. I never bought from ebay too. But I guess if the bag has been discontinued, ebay is one of the few options available... Anyway, I know many pointed out that we could always ask for pix and post them at the "authenticate this" section... Pardon me for being so naive and clueless, :P but is it possible that the seller posted pix of authentic LV but send us a grade-A replica? I know some seller provide money back guarantee, but is it going to be a hassle getting back the money and will we lose on shipping charges?