i am so addicted - I need help

  1. ok ... so since Jan 1, 2006 ..

    i have bought the following

    Mullberry Araline in Chocolate
    Small Chanel diagonal quilted bag with silver hardware
    Dior Gaucho in Bordeux
    BV Ball Bag In Chocolate
    Fendi Magic Bag in White
    Balenciaga small city in off-white
    chanel canvas aviator bag (and hat)
    YSL Muse in Chocolate (althought for some reason NM did not put my initials on it)
    chanel luxury bowler in red ...

    (yes I owe pictures to everyone) ...

    what is wrong with me - I am out of control !!!

    My shrink really thinks I have a problem
  2. lol....
    in my mind im purchasing all those items.... over and over again =) esp after i joined this forum!
    but good thing in reality i cant afford them! so i can only dream on...hehe
    enjoy your bags! and yes you DO own us pictures=))
  3. i think i posted something similar to this a while back ... but now I am not kidding ,my shrink is telling me I have a serious problem ... he says it is some sort of emotional disorder ... a need for some sort of immediate gratification ....
  4. hmmmm has it started ever since you joined the forum? looks like that may be it. we are all a bunch of enablers. try having some time off from here! maybe that will curb some of it? maybe? worth a try???
  5. no it didn't - it started really when I moved to hong Kong ... i guess it was my husband's way of appeasing me because we are away from home for two years ... but before even coming here I had a MJ, two chanels, and an LV ... but the purchases have exploded since I have gotten here ... and I am not sure I can stop ...

    though my husband was pretty mad about the luxury purchase ... like less than two years ago 800 dollars was way to much for a purse ... now it has more than doubled ...

    it is not like we can't afford it - we can but at the same time we can't - we are not millionaires that have six colors of each bag ... but for us ... the money is better spent on other things - like a house when we get back ... a baby when we choose to have one ...

    I am really feeling guilty !!!
  6. I'm kinda like you Harley. I can afford it but I know mine is for gratification because of some bad times I am going through now. I'm trying to find pleasure in life again and for me, it's buying a purse. I've bought 4 in the last month. I know that must stop because it's really irrational to think a purse will make my life better. But boy oh boy....I'm like a junkie waitng for the UPS man to bring me my next fix.
    There's a think line between Passion and obsession (Hey...wasn't that a perfume commercial...LOL). I'm teetering there now myself and not sure which catagory I fall into. And Yes, we are enablers here, because we all love the same thing and will find any reason we can that a person deserves a New Bag. Sometimes I wish that the Newest Greatest "IT" bag was the 12.99 vinyl bag at Walmart...for my pocketbook's sake.
  7. Try making a purse plan - allowing yourself to buy only one or two purses every month. Then you will force yourself to spend more time planning what purses to get - that is, to really choose what you want instead of getting too many bags and finding out later wich ones you really use, and wich ones are just a "purse-fix" for the moment, then only sitting in your closet. Try to change your focus a bit to enjoy the planning & the reserch for bags more, where the goal might be knowledge about bags - not necessarily to own the bag itself. Try to learn more about the designers and expend your love of bags to become a bag "expertise". Also try to see the purchase as a result of the planning, not the goal itself.
  8. i honestly don't know how to fix this ...

    i am the same way with make up and fragrances to - but at least they are not in tousands of dollars range ...

    i am wondering do I really have a problem?

    I am it is one thing to be super wealthy - hey more power to you and go buy all the bags you want ...

    but I have spend so much money this year that I will probably never be able to buy another again ... and I will be in the words of Carrie Bradshaw, a bag lady ... a chanel bag lady ..

    a person of my income should not have 5 chanel bags !!!!!
  9. Harley....I sent you a PM.
  10. ***hugs***
    its really going to be ok!!! :smile: we're all here to support each other!!! i really like vickys plan... i might put that into action!
  11. Maybe you are compensating? Since you said you're away from home, for 2 years maybe its your way of making yourself feel better? Especially since you said before you moved you weren't nearly as bad? I'm no shrink, but since you said its only gotten worse since you moved, it just makes me wonder if you are trying to make yourself happy or distract from something. And if that is the case, you be back to normal when you come home?

    I agree with the previous poster, though, if the urge isn't leaving you, maybe spend more time planning and less time buying. Good luck!!!:yes:
  12. I get out of control also. But finally realized that the bags aren't going to go anywhere. despite what the magazines say. You can still find them months and a year from now.

    If the purchasing is getting out of control....make a plan. pay bills first, put money into savings for house and/or baby, then put a bit away for purse fund. not enough to disrupt your life, just a bit $5 a week or $50.00 a week (if you can afford that).

    Then when you've saved up for what you want - go get it. Things tend to be more satisfying when you work for them.
  13. Wow! Beautiful bags....we at the PF are really big enablers. However, I went through a phase (broken last week) where there were simply too many bags that I wanted and found myself in a bag rut because I couldn't decide what to get. Maybe you'll reach that at some point if you're looking to curb the spending. ;) Enjoy your new bags!
  14. Vicky and JoV have given really sound advice - putting yourself in charge of your purse buying, as opposed to it being in charge of you, can be very satisfying and empowering.
  15. Harley, if you can return any of them, try doing so. It will help assuage your guilt. I like JoV's advice about starting a purse fund. It will give you something to look forward to. :yes: