I am smoke-free for 6 months!

  1. I just realised that i quit smoking 6 months and two days ago and i havn't touched one since.:yahoo:

    I used to smoke two packs a day and i did everything smoking.. well almost everything. I thault i would never ever e able to quit! So if you're trying to quit don't loose hope if i can do it you can do it for sure :tup:
  2. Well done. Good for you!:tup::smile:
  3. Congrats! I was 160 days sober but ruined it, oh well starting again :push:
  4. Wow! Congrats!
  5. btw you need to go out and get a new purse to celebrate:yahoo:
  6. :yahoo:Congrats to you. I used to be a 20 a day girl and have'nt touched one since 10 Jan 07.:yahoo:
  7. Forget about your mistake and start over:yes: I am keind of broke so the purse needs to wait.

    Keep on the good work riffraff!
  8. Congratulations!!

    I'm smoke free since Oct 06!

    I also never thought I'd be able to quit, (I used to think I had no willpower), but I'm really proud of myself for being strong

    Yay for us!!!!
  9. Yay for you! it's a terribly hard thing to do, i think i'm nearly ready to quit again, i gave up for over 2 years, during my pregnancy and up untill my daughter was about one, then i started again! it's the stupidest thing i have ever done, now i'm back to 20 a day, how did u do it?
  10. I needed to be operated and i knew i would have to stay there for a few days. I've had the same keind of operation before and because of the pain and all i didn't think about smoking then but i started again so i thault i could give it a try. Maybe you can try it when you have the flu or something when you have an easy start
  11. Congrats Sabine! Woohoo! I used to smoke, many years ago, and one day (about 13 years ago) just stopped......haven't smoked since.
  12. YAY!! Good for you!!:tup:
  13. Good for you! :tup:
  14. congrats sabine! :smile:
  15. When I got up to 20 a day I started a smokers cough - it was that disgusting I put down my fags and haven't picked them up since.