I am slowly falling in love...

  1. With Vernis!
    I'm still really scared about colour transfer, but I've seen the bronze Bedfords that let-trade has sold and they all make me. :drool:
    The bronze is GORGEOUSSSS I love it!!!
    I also love Perle (especially the Perle Reade on let-trade's site) but I'm scared of colour transfer and yellowing.
    But oh my...that Bronze Bedford is just...beautiful.
    How is the bronze for colour transfer? If it gets dirty, is it really noticeable?
  2. Karman, Vernis will always have some color transference. I had the silver reade and pink before the marshmallow greene, both had color transference. I wanted the indigo last year to match my new car but it was soldout. I think bronze or any of the darker Vernis will not have the same problems as the lighter colors. IMO:flowers:
  3. Red and bronze bedford are on my list..I love other colors but I am too sloppy..
  4. I have the bronze reade pm and bronze lexington. They are some of my fav bags. No problems and I'm not graceful or especially careful with my bags. Store them with ym other bags, no color transfer or wear in any way.
    Love them and highly rec this color---goes with so much more than I would have thought! Good luck!:yes:
  5. Isn't it pretty though? That's my favorite line.
  6. OMG, I totally LOVE the Bronze Bedford too! :yes: It's such a beauty..! :love: Vernis pieces are all so pretty but I guess I will stick to darker colors which are less likely to show color transfer that obviously, at least. :P IMO, the color transfer on lighter colored vernis pieces will be very obvious and totally ruin its beauty.

    And I can imagine the Bronze Bedford will still look super great with patina! Isn't that great? ;)
  7. I have a lavender Sullivan Vertical from 3.5 years ago and still no color transfer, still in excellent shape. I take her out and use her regularly. I've read from another post saying that color transfer happen when patent leather is stored and not used for a long time...


    I don't know, I've never had a problem with Vernis leather. I don't really "protect" it from anything else either.
  8. As long as you are careful when storing or wearing the bag, color migration should not be a problem. I have some vernis pieces and none have color migration issues.
  9. Bronze is my favourite:love: Since it's a lot darker, colour transfer is not that visible, as for colour changes my Tompkins which is 6 yo hasn't change.Vernis is beautiful:love: ,you should consider investing in one.
  10. the vernis line is by far my favorite!
  11. I love Vernis, but the fact that the colour transfered and changed easily is really upset me. I've Thompson in rose in 1999, now the color changed to beige... I also have Houston in yellow, not the color change to lemon yellow..

    I almost haven't use them since. :sad:
  12. The bronze color is TDF! I say go for it :biggrin:
  13. Me too Karmen!! The Bronze is amazing!
  14. I am totally enchanted with vernis. I disagree with the post that mentioned that all vernis will have color transfer. It depends on the color vernis that you have, with the light colors being much more prone to it, and it also depends on the owner and how she takes care of her bags. The bronze Bedford is beautiful. I can't believe that I got rid of mine... I just didn't feel that I needed two bronze bags and two Bedfords. I chose to hold on to this one in bronze instead:
  15. The vernis is such a beautiful line. You dont have to worry about color transfer with the darker colors. My personal favorite is the indigo. :smile: