I am sick with the Hermes bug...

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  1. I didnt realize how bad my obsession with Hermes had become until last night when all I could think about while going to sleep were all the beautiful bags and accesories I am dying for and when my lovely BF pionted out that I refer to all colors as Hermes coulours now... "That car is Brighton Blue, my favorite color is Rose Shocking." He had to point out that no one in the world besides my fellow TPFers had any idea what I was talking about! :shrugs: Oh well, I am happy to live in my own little Hermes world! Thanks ladies for being such great enablers! :P
  2. The bug is powerful when it bites!:yes:
  3. It is, the best presents to get are always those in an orange box!
  4. Hahahahahaha!!! This is so funny! In what other world would anyone want to live anyway?!? :yes:
  5. Admit it though, orange you glad you came down with this affliction? ;)
  6. I think it is an epidemic .... I have the same bug, too!!!
  7. Oh yeah this is what its all about. We share the madness!!!
  8. OMG! That happened to me yesterday too!!! I saw SL in a very rare color and immediately thought 'hmmm... looks like dark Iris in Box Calf or maybe the new Blue Roi enamel clic clac' LOL :roflmfao:
  9. Haha! I'm glad I'm not the only one who is going H crazy! I swear it's like a disease... a very pretty disease, but still!
  10. It's a good thing...especially when all your friends know!! All I get are H presents now...it's great!
  11. Hahahaha welcome to Hermes-- It's a beautiful place to be =)

  12. This ^^^ would be the BEST!!!!! :yes::tup:
  13. you're in good company...welcome to the sick bay :party:
  14. Most of my waking, non-working thoughts are taken up by thoughts of H ... colors, leathers, which bag I want next, what I'll wear with the bag, whether a new sweater will look great with a certain scarf ...

  15. Wow...I know how you feel. I looked at some blankets and thought 'huh, purple does go well with turquoise'...and all I could visualize were agendas, card cases, and coin purses.:roflmfao: