I Am Sick To My Stomach.............

  1. So I bought a leather Chanel coat that cost almost 5000 DOLLARS....I get it today..Its a FREAKIN SHRIVELED UP MESS,I KID U NOT!

    They shipped it in a TINY CARDBOARD SHIRT BOX..:tdown::wtf:NO GARMENT BAG..The big metal CC zipper pulls on the front pockets arent covered so they left INDENTATIONS ALL OVER the leather front.

    Ive been home all week sick..so this made me literally ill..LOL.....I havent even called my SA in FLA yet cuz Im THAT upset.:crybaby:

    Did I mention they THREW the big PLASTIC CHANEL hanger ON TOP of the coat..unprotected too???:push:

    See what u get for your well spent money?????LMAO...OMG...I dont think I have ever been more mad.......

    This coat is EMBARASSING....IT DOESNT even resemble the one I tried on..ITS that much of a SHRIVELED UP MESS.:crybaby:
    I dont even know if I can post pics...its pitiful..and embarassing...sigh.:hysteric:

    On a side note....At the same time..FEDEX dropped off a box from LV and Prada..ALL packaged BEAUTIFULLY.....in garment bags and tissued up.....guess thats who Im buying from now on...hehe.OY...Thanks for letting me vent....IM BEYOND upset.:yucky:
  2. I called the closest CHANEL store in NYC..they have my coat in a 38.....Im not sure if I should go there....drive 2 hours ...just to get it..Im so mad.
  3. JILL! Bring it to short hills asap! That sucks!!! I get better packages from banana republic, seriously for 5 k, totally unacceptable. Post pics!
  4. Lets go to nyc, lol
  5. Jill - thats horrible!

    I'm so sorry that happened.
    Return it and phoney to who ever thought you would accept that - that is just wrong.
  6. That is RIDICULOUS. I would not even want it now. I think after you try on all the things you just received and check out whatever bags as well...you may not even want the coat!
  7. The SA in the NY store I just talked to says the SHIPPING deptmt packs them up..NOT the SA's...STILL....UGH...................WTH???
  8. WHAT??? for 5gs they shoulds have hand delivered it!! what the hell is going on with Chanel these days?

    SAs must be smoking crack on their lunch break. LMAO (jokes)
  9. As much money you spent, I would complain and make them pay for you to ship it back to them and provide you with a better packed item. Regardless of who packs them, they should know how to properly care for it.
  10. Jill, not in all cases does the shipping department wrap up all items.
    I have gotten plenty of items that the SA handpacked and THEN sent to shipping to ship out.I know you get alot of stuff in the mail as well, so I know you have seen better ..from Chanel Lets see you spent $5k ,commission at 6-10% umm she got close to $500 off this sale - I think I would have been there to pack it up and make sure it got to you in perfect condition.. I would have thought better of the SA's in BAL HARBOUR..hmmm just a thought..Especially since you would probably buy more....
    In any case sorry about the condition of the jacket--well they sell it to someone else or damage it out... I Wonder- once you return it that is
  11. Sorry to hear that Jill, I would send the whole thing back to Chanel the way it came ... they should see how the 5K coat was treated... send it to Chanel, they should be responsible for it since they are they ones who charged you the 5K, not the shipping dept....
  12. I knew it wasnt her! But stil totally unacceptable!!!
  13. ^I got it at the PALM BEACH GARDENS STORE actually..I always use JILLIAN there.......so I gave her the sale even though I tried it on at the BAL Harbour store...ugh.....so upset.
    Side note...Jillian usually DOES hand pack all my stuff..but she was off the day it went out..she did have a note inside the box..so Im not sure who packed it up.Im still too upset to call..I feel like Ill lose it if i call now..ROFL!
  14. Wow, I would be so upset too. That's a lot of money to spend, and it seems like they didn't pack it with care at all.

    I would be calling, complaining and sending it back.

    Sorry this happened to you. I hope you feel better.
  15. Ok..Im gonna take some pics for u all..JUST so u can all gasp....lol