I am seriously struggling here...

  1. My husband told me that I need to wear flats sometimes because if I wear heels all the time, I will wear myself out and won't be able to wear them anymore and my entire shoe collection (huge!) will go to waste. I don't know where he got that idea from but I freaked out and bought a pair of Cole Haan gold flats today (with nike air technology). THey are cute but I can't help but feel like a ten year old girl in them. They are cute but NOT sexy at all. And I feel short, I am only 5'8". And I am used to feel 6 feet tall. Help!!!!
  2. You are not short! I'm only 5'4". :sad:
    I don't think "wear yourself out" from wearing heels too much is the correct term...it could leave to bone/joint problems later on, is that something you're worried about?
  3. I don't know, maybe that's what he meant.. How to avoid these problems in the future?? I like heels about 3.5" and higher, preferrably 4". All of my shoes are sky-high.
  4. the best flats out there a lanvin's
  5. I am out of town and brought only heels. My problem is that after hours of wearing those friggin' things all day for 2 days in a row, I literally could not walk anymore!! So I had to go by flats. And this is my first pair...and all I can say is "Thank God!!!" My feet are much happier!
  6. I know what you mean. I brought my high heels to Paris and collapsed somewhere near D'Orsay museum. My husband carried me to the shop where he got me a pair of flats and same story repeated in Italy... except I walked to the shop myself... but I refuse to wear flats unless I can't walk at all :crybaby:
  7. REally? Are they sexy? :graucho: And will they make me taller?:graucho:
  8. You crack me up Guccidiva ;)
  9. taller thats a no no but super cute everyone looks good in lanvins.
  10. here are pics of celebs wearing then
  11. There are a lot of nice shoes that aren't completely flat--just lower heeled. My feet hurt in flats for some reason, so I have a few pairs of lower heeled shoes.

    Perhaps going flat is too much of a change for you--even 2-2.5 inch heels can be quite comfortable!

    Christian Louboutin[​IMG]
    I find both of the above really comfy!
  12. Wear the shoes you want to wear! Your husband's concern is sweet, but they are your feet and your shoes! If you don't feel good in flats, it will be evident in how you carry yourself and your frame of mind.
  13. I am in the boonies :sad: No celebs or Lanvins or celebs in Lanvins ever crossed my path :sad:
  14. Don't think I can do the one on the bottom, the heel is just too low ;)
  15. I've been thinking about them and clearly I am hopeless, the shoes are going back to the store tomorrow... just can't do it.. and I threw out my vacation emergency flats too, good thing hubby doesn't know...high heels are crack.. don't even start wearing them, that's my advice.