i am seriously addicted to...

  1. coach cosmetic cases! :heart:

    am i the only one with this problem? i seriously keep buying/wanting more. i have the medium case in crimson AND punch sig stripe, the large case in legacy stripe, and now i want a watercolor case! what is wrong with me? :confused1:

    the sad thing is, i don't even really wear makeup! i have, like, two bare minerals containers, a brush, mascara, and lip gloss. they all fit in the medium case with room to spare.

    someone please help me think of things to put in them so that i can justify having/buying unnecessary amounts! :p
  2. LOL... I like the cosmetic cases... but I don't even use the one I have for cosmetics!! ( I use it for sunglasses...)

    Here's what you can add!!;)

    Nars blush, blush brush, Bare Minerals glimmer eyeshadow in Queen Phylis, Bare Minerals eye shadow in Soul Sister (or other color depending on eye color), Shadow brush, chapstick, Nars lip gloss in Chastity, Lip gloss wand (Ulta makes a great one), Eye lash curler, Sephora Kiwi Setting Spray... whew

    How is that to fill it up??? LOL... just kidding, just started randomly rattling off things from my makeup black hole... Seriously thought, if you love Bare Minerals - you should try their eyeshadow , it is TDF!! Also, NARS blush & lip gloss are awesome as well....:graucho:

    Sorry... that came out of no where... :back2topic:
  3. I love Bare Minerals too. Maybe you can use it like to hold pens or little things that are always getting lost in your purse. Almost like a wristlet would do.
  4. lol, what a list! i definitely know who to go to when i need makeup ideas! :yes:
  5. I love them too! Fill them with anything small or anything that gets "lost" in the bottom of your bag. Use them at home to store hair clips, nail files, nail polish, lotions and potions, etc. Line them up on your dresser and admire them for their sheer beauty!
  7. i've got two in my bag right now. one has makeup (i'm a new bare minerals girl! how on EARTH did i live without it?!) and the other is for pens/pencils/flash drive for school
  8. Count me in too! I use my cosmetic pouches not only for make up but for every other item that tends to float around and get lost in my bag! I don't carry much make up with me either. And I'm a bare minerals gal too!! I'm also addicted to mini skinnies!
  9. i really want one!! i love them! i dont really carry makeup but like kallison said there is always pencils and other stuff to carry in it!

  10. Nope......I have the medium punch stripe one (have yet to use it) and now I want the new scribble one.....
  11. okay, now i want the scribble one too!

    this is NOT okay! but i'm glad i have you girls to tell me it is. :graucho:
  12. Swing Packs! I think I have 6!
  13. I have two as well (both Signature Stripe, one black/white and one khaki/parchment.)

    I am however addicted to wristlets and mini skinnies.
  14. mini skinnies were a weakness until i bought my lv cles and haven't used anything since. i gave them all to my little sis, but i used to have 7 or 8 of them!
  15. maybe if you have any RX's you could carry them in there.