I am scared for my Artsy... Help ease my concerns please!!

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    (Pic borrowed from the internet, was too rushed/lazy to look for my reveal thread and borrow pics from there)

    I bought my Artsy a while ago and do love it!! This is my ONLY LV bag. I use it mostly on the weekends only. Since i am in Canada and we have long winters, i do not take out my bag then and expose it to elements.

    Its been used barely 10-12 times, a shame, i know. But i cannot part with it, i love it too much!!

    I only recently came across threads about the Artsy top cracking and i am TERRIFIED!! I don't want that happening to my bag. I do not wear sleeveless tops at all. But do carry my bag in the summers with short sleeve tops.

    My bag is probably 2 years old, but the patina on the handle is so light it looks brand new. If the cracks were to develop on my bag, would LV help or claim wear and tear?

    My BF thinks i should sell mine to fund the Empreinte Artsy, so i don't have to deal with cracking issues..i did try that bag on and do love it and do not find it very heavy.. Should I?

    I don't want to take a loss of $1500+ on a bag i have not used enough to get my money's worth, i do love it though. I do love the Empreinte Artsy and want one someday..

    For ladies who have had their Artsy for a while and use it regularly, how is it holding up? What should i do?? I am beyond confused, please help me!!!

    I could use some sane advice! I guess i am freaking out because it is my one and only bag and i wanted it to last me my lifetime( or as close to it as possible, lol), HELP!!

    P.S-I am not looking to sell my bag on here, came here only for the advise of all the members!
  2. You need to read the whole Artsy Clubhouse post.
    LV won't say it wear and tear they will replace it.
    Also if you don't wear sleeveless tops you don't have to worry the cracking it caused by deodorant.
    If you want to be super safe just wipe down the opening of your bag with a microfiber cloth after you use it..
    There is really nothing to worry about.
  3. I've had mine for 2 years worn it lots in Canadian rain, snow, sunshine with coat, sleeves, sleeveless and all that has happened to mine is that it has a great patina. LV bags are a lot more durable than people give them credit. I used to baby them but realized that baby them or not they look the same :smile: enjoy your bag!
  4. Thank you ladies, both of your responses make me feel a lot better!! :smile:
  5. Let's not worry about things that may or may not happen. We drive ourselves insane sometimes. Just enjoy your bag this moment. It's a beautiful bag and you deserve to let it bring you only joy, not worry ..
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  6. +1 ! my artsy is one of my favorite bags that I own ! I hope you get her!!! :smile:
  7. Nothing to worry about.
  8. +1
    but hey, if you want to "upgrade" to emp it is a lovely bag too
  9. Thank you, all of your responses help ease my concerns, i love my Artsy! But was uneasy about the potential of it cracking, like one poster said i need to stop worrying about something that might not happen. Point noted! And Thank You !! :smile:
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  10. My Mono Artsy cracked. This is my second. I loved that bag so much. I probably over used it. I read somewhere that deodorant can cause this to happen. I'm not sure if that's the case but I do live in sunny Ca and I have worn it with sleeveless tops a lot. Mine just started to crack this winter but you never know? I think you should enjoy your bag and know that if for some reason your bag gets the cracks Louis Vuitton will replace it or give you a credit in the amount the bag is worth!!
  11. Notice how the artsy has a more rubbery feel to it not like the speedy. My SA told me the reformulated the canvas a couple years ago so it would no longer crack . Ive worn mine tons of times and I have no cracking :smile:
  12. Thank you louislove!! Your response makes me feel 100% better. I too love this bag!! And i wanted to be sure that if the canvas does crack on this bag that LV would take care of it and not claim user wear and tear! I am so much more relieved!! :smile:

    Thank you for responding to everyone who did!! I do appreciate your help! And i feel a whole lot better! :smile:

  13. What if you bought the Artsy overseas or via ebay and then later it crack -- will LV replace it or give you credit still? Do you have to show proof of purchase ect...? Thanks :smile:
  14. Mine is 2 ½ years old and I have no cracking. None! I bought it new. I never treated it.
  15. I'm not sure. I've always had my receipt. I don't see why that wouldn't since they are aware of the problem.