I Am Sad

  1. :crybaby:I posted a couple days ago that my best friend put the parchment satchel on hold for me with accessories. Well I went to pick it up and got mineral accessories instead but the bag had something on it. They went to see if they had any others and only had one and it had something on it too. Ugh.

    It seems pretty easy to get something on so I dont know if I am going to get it. They gave me credit (my friend paid full price so I am not too worried about missing out on PCE). They said they expected more in so I am waiting for them to call me so I can come and inspect them first.

    Sooooo frustrating. Now I have to decide if I want to risk it and get it or just save the credit and get something else (not sure what I would even get). :crybaby:
  2. That stinks! I wish I had known earlier- i was at the Coach store and I saw one (as I was choosing my mineral satchel). Could you try calling another store?
    I'd love to get some of the mineral accessories though!:tup:
  3. Awwww, that's too bad! That sucks that you love it, but it's true - you don't want something that will get dirty so easily....
    I'm sorry, something will come along that you'll love again!!
  4. yeah I though of that but one had dirt on it and the other looked like rub off from something so I am debating the color (which I :heart:) because I feel I would worry too much about getting something on it and never carry it. My best friend said that he wanted me to get something I love and would use so he told me get the credit and think on it.
  5. Aw, sorry to hear this.
  6. i have the parchment satchel (also bought the mineral accessories cuz they are perfect together!) and it cleans up much easier than you would expect. Just a damp clean towel and it wipes clean! I was worried at first when I got it, but now, I am not scared to carry it. It is a beautiful bag, I hope you decide to get it :smile:
  7. I'm so sorry! :crybaby:At least you have all the tPF girls to get through this frustrating time!
  8. Sorry to hear about that!! Would you consider the same bag in the mineral color to match your accesories? I just go the mineral wristlet and the color is TDF.