I am sad...Should i have not ????

  1. i am feeling quite sad. As some of you know, i just got a vert cru birkin from japan. I sooooo love this bag but a friend of mine saw it and said the color was too loud and for a bag that expensive I should have gone for classic colors like black or red or brown. She further said to me that when i was in my 60's i would look stupid wearing the bag.

    i love the look of the bag. it is sooo fresh and summery. everytime i look at i can't help but smile.

    But do you think she is right? I am in my early 30's so toting it now is not a problem but when i am ahem:p more mature would i look inappropriate carrying this bag?

    your opinions really matter to me as you girls and guys have great expertise on hermes. thanks for reading

  2. Your friend is crazy. lol I LOVE your bag. It's so vibrant and beautiful!!!
  3. Jen - carry it now - love it now. Stay in the moment. It makes you smile.

    Worry about the rest some other time :okay:
  4. You love the bag, it makes you smile-enjoy you bag!!

    If anything, you look a bit too young in the pic, lol!.....just joking!
  5. Your bag is beautiful, and I am more mature. I would carry it with pride. You don't loose love for color just because you are older. Actually, I love color more now than when I was your age.
  6. This bag makes you smile and happy and that's what count. Actually I think your bag goes with everything in winter and summer.... very versatile.... you are enabling me :smile:
  7. Jen, as long as you're happy carrying that bag right now, that's all that matters. Life's too short to think about what we will look like thirty years from now and whether or not it will look good. I have seen some women with a glorious crown of white hair pull off amazing colors, and I think the unexpected pops of color only add to their allure and confidence. So while what your friend says may seem logical to her, my favorite looks are always made with unexpected choices. Your Vert Cru Birkin is stunning--wear it well!
  8. Are you kidding?? Your bag is gorgeous and let's worry about 60 when we get to 60 - who knows, Vert Cru may be the new black then! Enjoy your Birkin - it's fabulous!!!
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. It's so gorgeous!!! IMO you can definitely wear it forever. Who says you can't wear vibrant colors at any age? :tup: Enjoy your beautiful bag!!!
  11. Something that I have learned,.........

    Love it now,.... Enjoy and wear it now,..... sell it later. Get a new one :graucho:
  12. you have a beautiful bag and if it makes you smile everytime you look at it. It's all worth it already.

    It doesn't matter what your friend thinks when you are carrying it your 60's. All that matter is how you feel about carrying it when you are in your 60's.

    yes it's a expensive bag and it seems logical to get a classic colour but if the classic color didn't appeal to you it doesn't mean anything. You never know this might not be your only birkin, you might get different colors in the future and you could pass this one on to your daugther or DIL if it's not right for you as you age.

    enjoy your birkin
  13. Oh my:sad: Why would someone say that to you? People need to be happy for each other especially when they see that it makes you happy. Carry your bag with the same enthusiasm as the day you unpacked it.:heart:

    I am a "Mature":nuts: woman and would be proud to carry it.:heart:

  14. :roflmfao:
  15. (Sigh)

    Don't you love when people try to apply THEIR life to yours? Your heels are too skinny and high or too flat... your skirt is too short or too long... your colour is too bright? Too impractical?

    Your life only needs to suit one person. YOU. Your DH, your son will all love you for your individuality and style. You don't follow trends or stay conservative. You wear what makes you happy.

    And if it's a sexy vert cru Birkin, I say, hold your head proud. You are woman; both you and that bag roar!!!