I am sad coz the CC hardware closure of my caviar E/W classic flap has scratches on..

Jun 4, 2006
I am sad coz the CC hardware closure of my caviar E/W classic flap has scratches on that I just discovered now after using it today........

Maybe I am just tooooo picky about my bags....I know it's hard to avoid since I USE the bag but I have been very careful, so I dunno why there are scratches...

Do your classic flaps CC closures got scratches too after use? Does that bug you too??
oh i totally feel your pain, hikarupanda!!! the CC turnlock on one of my bags has been scratched by a friend's WATCH recently, i was soooo upset because i usually take pains to make sure my bags are well maintained!!!! and yes it bugs me =(
It is kind of like the first ding/scratch we get on our new cars. It hurts to look at. However, if you are going to carry your bag and enjoy it, most likely it will get a bit scratched. So, try not to let it ruin the joy of carrying the bag.
thats true....to enjoy using this bag it is unavoidable that it will get some scratches sooner or later...

but is it true that chanel can replace the HW including the cc closure on a classic flap? If so, maybe many years later when the HW is getting all scratched I can have them replace it....has anyone done that before?
The CC charm on my Luxe Bowler has some dings from banging up against doors and walls. It's inevitable, kind of like the lock on the Chloe Paddington. The first chip or scratch freaked me out but now I look at my bags and am glad I'm getting enjoyment from them versus let them sit in their dustbags all new and pristine.
roey made an excellent point. I too freak out when I see a first scratch on anything... but then I realize that my item will develop a patina with age and I should try and appreciate it.

The first time I noticed a scratch on my Cartier Love Bracelet, I got a bit upset with myself for being so careless... but these things kind of develop a well worn look to them, and that can be beautiful too.
I agree with everyone else. The first scratch on my CC hardware was really a bummer, but it's inevitable and you get used to it.

(Plus, although the first scratch seems really obvious, as the hardware gets more scratched with wear, all of the scratches sort of blend together and seem less apparent, if you know what I mean...)
When I visited my Chanel boutique, I noticed that some handbags have scratches on the leather and the hardware. If the scratch bothers you too much, I would have it exchanged. Hardware scratches are sometimes inevitable, IMO. My new Reissue phone case has some slight scratches on the hardware when I purchased it. As long as the leather is not peeled or torn, I can live w/ the scratches.
do you have a pic to show us panda?
I dont know but none of my CC closure have any stratches and I never baby them at all...(unless I'm blind and I didn't even notice the stratches hehe)