I am sad.........and kinda mad

  1. As you guys know, my MC white wapity was "dying" (the silkscreening was rubbing off and coloring the canvas).

    I took it to the LV store in Janurary 7th. They told me that they would send pics of it to Californa so that they could run tests on it and see if it was defective. I got it back on the just last Saturday (the 18th). They said it was not defective, but to call 866-VUITTON. My mom called and asked them about the situation. They said the MC cavas is not coated :wtf:, and that chipping of is okay, and they DONT consider it a defect!! :wtf: I was SO mad!! I wrote a letter to the Customer Services department saying that I spent MY own birthday money on it, and I excepted a better quality product overall. I am very mad about LV's quality right now, but as always, you cant be mad forever, and I still love it :heart: :p (arent I lame?? LOL!). I hope I didnt offened anyone in anyway, but I just needed to vent........

    ....On the other hand, I ordered a cataloge, and my mom says I might be able to buy my speedy that I have been wanting when she gets her Pochette Beverly on March 1st. I cant wait until March 1st!!:love: :yahoo:
  2. I feel sad that your wapity's design is rubbing off. I'm sad that LV does not want to take step further to replace it for you.
  3. Mc has been known to do this since it came out.
    :sad: sorry they didnt replace your wapity.. its just wear, nothing they can do.
  4. Unfortunately all silkscreened items such as MC and CB rub off at some point. I'm sorry they refused to replace it, but it happens to ALL silkscreened items at some point and that is why I don't use my pink CB items frequently :sad:
  5. Sorry you've had such a bad experience with this !
    My MC cles is starting to rub off too:sad:
  6. ^^oh no! I just bought a groom cles, so that will all rub off as well?
  7. I think so aarti!
  8. I am sorry about your wapity.
  9. Great mom!
  10. Awww, I'm so sorry that the MC print on your wapity is coming off :sad:
    Didn't realise that the MC treatment is different from regular Mono. Hope LV can do something about it for you. :sad:

    I haven't got any MCs, looks like I have to be real careful with them if I do get any.
  11. Over time yes.
  12. awwwww. im sorry! maybe your speedy will help things feel better :graucho:!
  13. sorry. double post
  14. Aww...I'm really sorry to hear about the MC chipping. It shouldn't happened. Did you get a response from customer service after you wrote in? Now just concentrate on getting the Speedy very soon!
  15. sorry to hear about the sweetie, especially since you spent your birthday money on it! I remember how that was. How bad is it? I'm sure it's still adorable! :smile: