I am returning two cute bags to NR Oak Brook

  1. Hi all!! Happy Valentines day:heart: I hope I am posting this in the right area (If not I am soooo sorry:sad:) I just thought I would let you all know that I am returning a cream Bulga tassel hobo, and a Botkier Essex med. size bag in brown tomorrow!! The Bulga was 164 and the Botkier was 187. By the way..I was just there this morning at 9:30 and the bag choices were sad:sad:
  2. wow, really? I was hoping to go later...:sad:

    but thanks for letting us know!
  3. Thanks for letting us know. Can I ask why you are returning them?
  4. I know I was super bumed!! I actually am just returning them because there is a Marc Jacobs bag that I have been lusting over, and want that more than these. I am the type of person that if I see a good deal (ie a 750 bag for under 200) I feel like I have to grab it fast, and the later Im like I didn't really need this=P
  5. I forgot to add that they are still in the dust bags with the tags on them!!
  6. Well I took those bags back today. I hope that I PF member gave them a good home. The leather on that Bulga was out of this world!!
  7. i was there today and i saw your botkier return hanging at the bag section!
  8. was the bulga studded?
  9. Nope, the bulga had long tassels on it. To be honest I was sort of sad when I took the Botkier home because when I opened it up I found old gum wrapers on the inside...gross! I'm not a fan of people who wear a bag and then return it to a store.
  10. I recently saw at Botkier Bombay at Nordstrom Rack for $167, but was disgusted by the dirt and dust inside and it looked like some pink residue (gum I presume) was tucked under the top of the shoulder strap. :yucky:

    It really looked used.