I am returning my Steel City GHH for the Black Day GHH. Side by side PIX!!!

  1. Okay so here is the deal. I absolutely love the Steel City in the GGH, but it's EXTREMELY heavy with all my stuff in it and and I just don't think it will be comfortable on my arm for long periods of time. For $1700 I want it to be very comfortable!

    So I went back to Barney's today because if I wasn't going to keep my City, I wanted the Steel GHH in the Day bag. Barney's in New York told me over the phone that they will in fact be getting that color/style combo in their July shipment. But my SA at the Beverly Hills store said no they aren't, even though the guy from the NY store said all the stores get the same shipment of Balenciagas :confused1:

    Anyway I wound up purchasing the black Day bag with the GGH and I actually really love it. I have the Apple Green in the Day style and it's sooooo comfortable!

    I am returning the City tomorrow but I snapped a side by side comparison between both so you can see how the colors differ.

    What do you guys think about the black Day in GGH. Good choice? ;)



  2. The colors look similiar but I like the Day with the HW better. Good choice!
  3. I prefer the city style! in fact it was your modelling pics earlier that made me want the city style with the GH! I always thought the GH on a city doesnt look as good as it does on the PT but after seeing your pics I wanted one... now you're returning it! but the day is nice too! the colors look really similar in fact!

    maybe I should consider a day too! :graucho:
  4. i like the day better :yes:

    i cant believe how similar they look color-wise..!
  5. I love the day better too!!
    And I think the day is more roomy!
    Thanks for the pix.
  6. I think you made a great choice. I love the Day, and I'm not a fan of the city. I'm glad Balenciaga hasn't caught on to the fact that the Day is still the best "deal" in town (it's all relative, of course :smile:). The GH Day is the same price as the RH PT, so it's actually a good buy....at least that's what I'm telling myself!
  7. Between the two, I like the Day better. But the city is still HOT.
  8. Definitely a good choice! I don't like GH on the city because it seems like there is too much going on, it looks better on the day.
  9. I am so happy you guys like the Day better! It really is a great bag and the price is good! I may be having a brain freeze but was does PT stand for?
  10. I think they're both really pretty but you made a good choice keeping the black day!:tup: Congrats, StarBrite310!:yes:
  11. Both are pretty. To sling better and more comfort, i wuld go for day!
  12. Not a bit fan of Day style personally, but if City is too heavy for GH, then definitely you've made the right choice! I mean, who wants to carry a heavy bag when you want to lug around a lot with you!

  13. PT = part time ;)... another great style!

  14. I prefer the day style with the GH because I feel that the proportions look better. Thanks for the side-by-side comparison pics.
  15. I have always loved the black day with GH. The city is lovely too, but if it's too heavy, it's not for you. I think it's a great choice. Get what you love. If you think you'd love the steel more, wait for it.