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  1. Dear PF members,
    While I have had great experiences on this forum, I received a private message 1 out of the 30 bags in my showcase is a fake. I had paid over $750 dollars for this bag and I honestly thought it had a good chance that it was real. I am 100% sure all other bags are real.
    Unfortunately, I agree with the member, that 2 Fendi spy bags later, she is probably right.
    In case you are wondering it is the sequined Fendi Spy. I feel mortified, embarassed, etc. I did not know for sure at the time I posted the bag and therefore, put it up there, on the first post of "my bag showcase".
    This is really not what I want to feel on a Sunday morning so, I decided it is probably not worth continuation of taking a chance on any further experiences like this. I was here to enjoy myself, not be scrutinized and embarrassed by the purse police. Accidents happen, especially in a world of superfakes and I do not live in NYC so I can't just get to the Fendi store.
    I certainly don't condone fakes, but I don't condone being singled out and embarassed either. So think what you may. I am resigning. Best to all who are nice people, who genuinely like purses and enjoy collecting them. :sad2:
  2. This is terrible. Fendigal please stay. This is not how you should feel on a sunday! Anyone of us could be in your position. Please don't leave because "some" people need to be that way. I live in Jersey and yesterday saw the most amazing neo speedy you would have never known it wasn't the "real deal" unless you had this woman take out her stuff. (A woman I know sells them and even the leather is the true vachetta)

    Stores around here have had problems with fakes being returned to them. We also need to remember that not everyone can afford to walk into a botique and walk out with a bag. Purchasing on ebay is also many members favorite way of shopping. So again, this could happen to anyone. BTW it happened to me with my paddington.

    Go out today, relax, come back tomorrow, most of all don't respond to pm's that don't put you in a good mood.
  3. Please don't let this one experience overshadow all the pleasant experiences you've had on the PF.
  4. I am sorry sorry to see you go. I am also sorry that you felt singled out... it was not your fault that you got tricked into buying a counterfeit, and I don't like it if anyone here tried to blame you for falling for it. I can remove that particular bag from your showcase, maybe that could be an option to keep you around? ;)
  5. Fendigal- Don't let one negative experience take you away from the PF. I just looked at your showcase and think I know which bag you are referring to. It's the large brown Spy with the sequens? I can't tell if it's fake or not from the photo (not that I'm an expert). Are you absolutely positive is not authentic? If it isn't, you've obviously made an honest (but costly) mistake. But don't let it, or what someone here says to you about it, ruin your experience here. Try to find out if it's indeed a replica and perhaps try to return it but do keep posting here!
  6. Oh no, don't leave.. u r such a good member here.. don't let mean words put you down, you didn't know it was fake, it was an honest mistake.. and also, whoever did what they did, I hope this wasn't what u were hoping would happen...
  7. Okay you made an honest mistake. Its not the end of the world. I am not a fan of fakes but am less of a fan of anyone who has to point it out. I have been asked my opinion by friends, co-workers etc. on what I think of their fakes and I always bite my tongue and say "its lovely". I mean really.....Why hurt someone's feelings? Its just not worth it. Get rid of the bag if it makes you feel better and stay on the purse forum. Don't let the purse police bring you down girl!!
  8. Fendigal, I have not been here long, but as I understood it, we are all here to support each other and learn what we can. I have had to ask several questions in which to learn. You believed something was true then someone pointed out it was not -- that is not your fault. If this person was not too nice about it, that's a mark on her, not you. I may or WE ALL may be in that situation someday, but if your honest and your here for the reasons the rest of us are then it's no skin off your back. Please don't feel that way because of one possible uncouth person. Hope you change your mind.
  9. :sad: Dont leave! You were one of the first PF members I've come to recognize on the forum. I know we've never talked personally, but like bluxcape said, it was an honest mistake dont punish yourself.
  10. Fendigal - Im sorry to hear that one of your collection turned out to be fake. Its a genuine mistake that you made when you bought it, but other people are fooled everyday also. Its not your fault, so you shouldnt be made feel it is your fault by someone! I hope you can resolve the matter and even take the pic off your showcase, so you stay a memeber of the PF.
  11. im sorry I dont understand...did someone on the forum sell you a fake fendi bag? or did you buy it on your own and someone in your showcase saw it and determined it was a fake?
  12. I think ^that^ is the case... nothing to worry about, except for trying to get your money back from the seller, if it's not too late. We all learn something new every day, I wouldn't get discouraged that one of your fab bags turned out to be a faux. Live and learn! :idea:
  13. Noooo! Stay Fendigal!! You have a fabulous collection, regardless of the Spy that might be fake. And you've been so helpful to so many members! No one blames you for the bag, it's easily resolved, you're still my fav fendi expert :smile:
  14. I'm sorry someone felt the need to point that out. And I am even more sorry that it hurt your feelings. I think you should stay, but understand your feelings.
  15. Please, please, please don't leave!!!! You have been super helpful on here! So what if you accidentally bought a fake? It could happen to anyone! Please don't leave. There are so many people on this forum that would hate to see you go!

    You're my Sex and the City obsessive buddy! You have to stay! Please?;)
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