I am REALLY trying to like the clay color...

  1. Okay, so I bought the clay gigi and shoulder bag. The color seemed so great to me in the store & on the website. I still haven't used either bag though...I am really, really trying to like this color but sometimes it seems so blah to me...What is wrong with me? This is the most popular bag/color around. I'm afraid if I return it, I will end up regretting it. What should I do? :hysteric: What do you wear your clay bag with?

    I also purchased the gigi in the camel color. It's gorgeous but I'm afraid it will look filthy very quickly. I took pictures but when I tried to attach them, I get a message that the file is too big...

    Please help. Is anyone else not that thrilled with the clay color? Is it just me? I can't even sleep b/c I am thinking of this. I keep thinking that I've spent $1250 on bags I am not using...:wtf:

    Also, I've been thinking of purchasing the 06 satchel or mandy in whiskey or black.. is this a better buy than the clay gigi? Thanks.
  2. I have the clay and I LOVE it be/c gray is so in this season, though I have always worn tons of gray in the winter so I know it will last me a long time. I have a dk gray sweater dress I plan on wearing with it, my gray cashmere sweaters, charcoal suits...PLUS it goes with my burgundy, navy, cream and of course, black. I have a gorgeous burgundy silk blouse that it looks fantastic with - very sophisticated color combo. It's SUCH a versatile color and it really works beautifully with lots of things and looks very very chic. I also like it be/c very few companies that I've seen have come out with a gray bag that I can afford (there's a beautiful glazed one from Prada, but that's too many trends going on at once, and just way too much for me to spend. Kors has a suede one but that wouldn't last well with me).

    One other point: I think the gray is "in between" enough (not too light or dark) that I plan on also using it in the winter, be/c I'm not a fan of all-white bags. So there's more versatility in that.

    Here's the thing that many people have said before: If you don't love it, I wouldn't keep it. That's a lot of money to have spent on bags, and not worth if they don't get regular rotation. Maybe keep the Clay shoulder (if you think you'll use it) and the camel Gigi? It depends on what you think you'll use the bags for. I don't know if I'd keep two Gigis in different lighter colors. Not a huge fan of the Mandy so I can't help you there!
  3. The Gigi is coming out in walnut - deep espresso brown in early December. I am going to exchange my Clay Gigi to a walnut Gigi. I am so afraid to wear this color as it NYC is not so clean. I think that I will be much happier with a Walnut Gigi. Maybe you should consider this color for yourself.
  4. Hi, I also live in NYC! I am also afraid that I will get these bags filthy. I definitely have to return either the camel and one clay. I'm thinking of returning the clay shoulder the camel gigi.. Thanks for the tip on the walnut though...I will definitely consider that color...
  5. kt92 - thanks for the advice on the colors.. I just keep going back and forth with this bag..do you have the clay gigi?
  6. I really like the clay color and would keep the clay shoulder bag if it were me. I would return the clay gigi and either keep the camel one if you really like it or return it for another darker color like that walnut mentioned... that sounds really nice:smile:
  7. I have the clay Shoulder, which I think might be better in NYC...I used to live there (now in the 'burbs of NJ) so I know how hard it can be to keep a bag clean! But I think with the shoulder tucked up under your arm and against you, it probably won't be as exposed as the Gigi. Also, I feel like my totes get thrown around more, so the walnut might be a better choice for the Gigi. But I am finding the shoulder both a good work bag as well as a going-out bag with its color versatility, which is why I really really like it.

    Oh, I also got this wonderful sweater at Ann Taylor in a color called lapis (a teal-y, deep blue) and this bag looks wonderful against it! Can't wait to wear them together! (love that summer is hanging on but can't wait to get into sweater weather)
  8. Well, maybe since you bought TWO bags in clay, you should return one... That way, you'll still have a bag in the clay color, and you have time to think about whether you like to color or not.

    Personally, I do like the color. It's very different. I just don't like how it gets scratched up SO easily. But nonetheless, it's pretty. I'm not in love with it, but I just like it because it's different.
  9. If you don't love it, you may as well return it and get a color you do love. It would be such a waste to keep a beautiful bag that you don't like.
  10. LizCordova, you're cute! Always in the know about the styles that are coming out in the dark brown shades. Is that your signature color? I love dark brown bags much more than black bags, for me.

    Thanks for the Gigi/Walnut heads-up!