i am really sad.....

  1. so my bday has passed (april28) but hubby didn't get me anything (as he's like that) and i wanted a demi pouch so bad and i saw one a tj's for $80 (leather in black) and i can't buy it or else, he'll not give me any $$$ as i am a housewife and still not allowed to work (coz of my VISA status) :sad: and that's his punishment if i buy another bag... just venting out.... :sad: i'm still dreaming about that it...:sad:
  2. Happy belated birthday. Why doesn't your hubby do gifts? I don't mean to be intrusive or rude, just noticed some of your posts mention this a few times.
  3. If money is tight I guess you really can't get the purse. I hope your visa status changes. I'm a housewife too, but I have pretty much free reign on the finances. But there was a time in our marriage that I felt I shouldn't spend money because I wasn't working - now I feel like I deserve to spend at least a little money because I take care of our two children etc. I save money in other ways in our household budget that allows me to splurge occasionally on myself. Sorry your husband didn't acknowlege your birthday with the gift you wanted. Did he at least acknoledge your birthday in some way?
  4. I would like to wish you a Happy belated Birthday :party: .
    ooooh, so sad about the demi pouch you want, I know how you feel, I cannot purchase anything right now cuz times are just too tight:sad: .
    Sometimes It makes me feel better to see the things others are getting and I live 'through' them I guess HA! I dream about certain bags I want too because I think them alot and look at the catalogs!
    Try to cheer up and I hope you have a great day! :yes: :yes:
  5. If you guys have the money to spend, it is entirely inappropriate for you to face any sort of "punishment" for buying something you want. Regardless of whether you work or not, his earnings are family money and not HIS money.

    And I find it inexcusable that he didn't buy you a gift (unless finances are very tight and you two agreed not to do gifts for a while). That is so inconsiderate.

    I think you may need to have a discussion with him about how he treats you in general, as it sounds like he acts like you are a second-class citizen because you are not working. I'd be livid.
  6. no not intrusive or rude at all, he's not just that type of person... but you know, sometimes, i want something from him, kwim? but girls, he did treat me to olive garden, thou and thanks for greeting me even if my bday's passed already :yes::heart:
  7. hautemama, that is soo sweet of you =) being concerned and all.....
  8. happy belated birthday...
    and i hope that since he doesn't give you a birthday gift, you don't get him one ! :p
  9. Happy Belated Birthday!

    That sucks about your hubby, but, think of it this way, later on down the road when money isn't so tight, you can buy your gifts and say they were from him :smile:
  10. My best friends husband is like that. She doesn't get ANYTHING for birthdays, mothers day, anniversary, Christmas, Etc.. and when I say nothing I mean...NOT EVEN A CARD!!! I personally think its very rude and unthoughtful. BUT...I have now gotten her addicted to Coach(I bought her one for Xmas Last year:graucho:). She has been bugging him non-stop for another one and has told him if she gets ONE she will consider it a gift for her Birthday(May27th) AND Mothers Day. Soooo....Since she was non stop about it...he has said YES!!!! Woohooo! lol. Maybe if you bug him he will give in??
  11. Oh..BTW...Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!
  12. Wow, that sucks.

    What is it with some men?? They're so thoughtless sometimes. My boyfriend is awful with money. I didn't know this until I moved here to be with him. Thankfully, he let me take over the finances and I'm slowly getting him out of debt, but it's been a struggle. For Christmas, my birthday, and Valentine's Day he didn't get me a damned thing. No card, no flower, no going out, no nothing. He did email me a poem he found online for Vday, but that's it.

    I know it seems greedy, the whole "wanting a gift" thing, but you know what? It really is the thought that counts, and when there's not even an attempt at a gift, it shows no thought at all, which is why it sucks.

    Sweetie, is your husband the kind of man who you can talk to about your problems? Does he listen? If so, then I think you should tell him that when he doesn't give you anything on those special days, it makes you feel bad and like he doesn't care. (or however it does make you feel.) If he continues, I think eventually you will grow to resent it, I know I have, and that won't be good for the relationship. I think it's perfectly okay to ask him to get you gifts in the future on holidays and your birthday. It isn't being greedy and the gifts don't have to be expensive, just something to show he put at least a little thought or effort into it.
  13. well, happy belated birthday. and i am so sorry that things didnt go how you wanted them to, maybe you can try talking to him about it and giving you an allowance that you can spend on just things that you want.
  14. Happy belated birthday! You should tell him that you'd like some kind of a gift, though. That demi isn't that much. Just ask and I bet he will go for it, the worst he can say is no, right?
  15. hi everyone! your responses are well appreciated here =) queen, even if i hang myself, he won't give into it...=( and stophle, really sweet of you i am so touched, but.... i did talked to him about it, and still, no good results. he just told mehe's not the type to spoil me with things, but i just tell him that it's not that he'll give me something all the time, just once in a while... but didn't worked either.... oh well....and razor, for sure he'll say big N-O!!