I am REALLY, really, SORRY!

  1. You guys! I am sorry hahaha, I posted the other day to show off my new bag, and I slept soon after, and didnt sign back onto tpf till Sunday night! By that time my post was closed, so I have to do another post. Well the bag I got was a Platinum Metallic Bridget!

    At first I hated the strap, but it grew on me, its pretty hott when its like draped over the bag and its held as an armpit clutch thing hahahaha. BUT, of course I love it.

    I posted pics of it, and with it. hahaa

    I love the last pic of my close friends lil brotherr.

    Have a good night, thanks for looking! and again im sorrrrrry!
    bridget.JPG modelingsorta.JPG cutieee.JPG
  2. Hey thanks for coming clean R....great bag...very hot hot hot!
  3. I like the color! It is so pretty!
  4. I love this bag!
  5. Admit it, you're a tease. :p Lol. Nice bag though. :biggrin:
  6. I LOVE that bag!! Congrats!! Thanks for posting pics ....finally.:p
  7. Great bag! Thanks for coming back and sharing pics with us!
  8. Gorgeous! You can really rock that bag! The color is stunning, and I love the detail! Congrats and thanks for sharing!
  9. Haha again I am really sorry! I hope you guys arent mad!

    The thing I love about this bag, is that its not like a hard core silver. It has like a pearlescent finish to it. It has a lil gold to it. My other coach lurex clutch is really silver. But this is more of like a pearl finish, which looks more silver because the hardware. But in person it is wayyyy different. HTH!
  10. I just LOVE that bag!! I'm hoping to get it in Rose for my birthday next week!! :smile:
  11. I like your bag, it makes me happy. It seems to make you happy too. So happy in fact that I might need to make a purchase.
  12. I love that bag! :drool: You are forgiven!;)
  13. Awesome, you neeeeeeed to get it. hahaha Ive been using it since I got it, and wow, soo many compliments and everyone loves it.
  14. That is such a sharp bag! Thanks for getting back to us!
  15. And thanks fluffy, I was hoping no one would be mad!