I am really really really on a bag ban !!!!

  1. Hi guys - got my black annie today and I must say I wish I had tried this style out earlier - I love it its such a funky bag !!!!
    I must stop buying now no more bags!!!!
    Please remind me of this if I suggest otherwise :tup:
  2. :roflmfao: I had to quote this before you changed your mind and edited your post :p
  3. I am on a ban too until I accumulate the funds for a potential new purchase!
    We should have a ban buddy thread - seems the girls here are excellent enablers so maybe they could be great "disablers" too if asked nicely :greengrin:
  4. Oooooo I'm jealous!! Keep telling myself my Annie wasn't meant to be..... How heavy is it? Is it a similar weight to the Roxanne?
  5. Hi , You know its not too bad ( empty ) what it will be like once I`ve put all my stuff in is another question..

    I`ve not got a roxanne so , couldn`t really tell you if its similar weight - its a lot heavier than my Mabel ..... sorry not much help.
  6. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Yay - I wondered if you'd get one in the end! Great choice tara. Hope you'll be veeeerrrry happy together .

    Did you notice if they had any more? If so, I wonder if that could help any of the girls who were let down by the website?
  7. I've found the Annie lighter than the Roxy,it has a lot less capacity though.But if you are'nt trailing an 18 month old around its a great size for all the usual stuff.Sits the shoulder better than the Roxy too.

  8. They have sold really quickly - only one other left, also in black.

    One thing I did find quite strange , she wouldn`t let me keep the Mulberry price tag:shrugs:
  9. Tara, I have totally lost count of the number of bags you have. Please remind me. Well done on Annie:yahoo:
  10. I found that too, with HoF in Reading :shrugs: Also, I think I read on another thread that Mulberry in Knightsbridge keep the tags back too, whereas Bond St will allow you to have them, if you ask. Does anyone know why this is?
  11. I`ve only got 3 Mulberries - but I`ve bought all 3 since the middle of october :angel:

    Actually forgot one make that 4 .
  12. So is that it?? Till May??? Hahaha!! Will always be happy to step up to the mark and be your consience!! Mind you Sarajane would probably be a bit stricter than me!! So I'll ask her for you!!! Hahaha!!

    Glad you like it!! I forgot say congratulations!!!!:yahoo::heart::love:
  13. They shouldn't be allowed to do that if you ask for it they should give it you. I can't see any reason behind it.

    I went shopping today to lemmington and spend £350 on a rug an i keep looking at it thinking it could of been a new bag!!
  14. ^^^^^^^^^ me and Andy found a rug for our new house the other day for £350,I have to say I did'nt think of bags at all when we bought it,its fab!! I can't describe it,buts its soooooooo funky,when its better light tommorow I'll take some pics of it!! Sophie loves it!!!
  15. Exactly this is my reasoning totally :yes: If you don`t spend it on a bag it just goes somewhere else !!!