I Am Really Pissed Off

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  1. i just got this email from the person who won my LV red Jasmin bag on ebay.

    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]Hi,
    I just received the bag today. You've listed on ebay that the bag is authentic, but what a disappoinment; it turn out to be an immitation one. I would like to return the bag and have a full refund of my money by money order.

    YEAAAAHHHH ok, my bag is fake. I've never had this happen to me before. Now what do I do? I made it very clear no returns. What grounds does she have that it's fake? I would really like to know.
  2. wow ! sorry, you have every right to be p o.

    Can she prove its a fake ? sounds like she just changed her mind. why dont you contact ebay and let them know whats happened?
    No refund means er ! lets see !!! NO REFUND.
  3. That is horrible. If you know that's a real bag without a doubt do not except return. You have the prove don't you? Like a receipt from the store you bought the Jasmin from?
  4. tell her it's authentic and that you plainly stated there were no refunds no matter what. she can take it to an LV boutique or mypoupette if she'd like further clarification of the bag's authenticity. sounds like buyer's remorse to me, it's not your concern.
  5. i have the receipt from eluxury which is cleary posted in my auction. she has nothing to say, where's her proof? she didn't point out anything. Ughhhhh. mypoupette is a good idea. my fear is, she will send a fake bag back to me.
  6. I have a feeling she might do this too:worried:
  7. oh man, that sucks.
    also, please made sure she doesn't try a switcheroo and return a fake to you. she prolly won't since it's not a common bag, but sometimes I get a tad paranoid like that :shame:
    good luck!!

    edit (oops, I'm a little late with my reply -- sounds like I'm not the only tad paranoid person :smile:
  8. Boy !! you were very generous with the photos let her do what she has to do to prove it is a fake.Im sure there are LV stores in her area she can take it to. I bet she has done this kind of thing before.
  9. which is why you absolutely should not entertain the option of accepting a return! you accept certain risks buying things on ebay, including the risk that you'll get buyer's remorse and have nothing to do about it. this, however, is not your problem, it's hers.
  10. Don't accept the return! You clearly stated that you will not accept returns. You have the receipt, that's all the proof she needs.
  11. yup, i definitely am not accepting returns. sometimes i think my photos are better looking than the bag. i agree, sounds like she was disappointed in the bag.
  12. Fayden, that's awful!! Wow...

    Can she go to Paypal? I'm afraid that Paypal will force you to refund her? I don't know how these things work. Just awful.
  13. Somehow I dont think this has anything to do with the bag. It was made very very clear what she was buying. She wants her money back for personal reasons that have nothing to do with you. Its a lesson for her.
  14. Judging by the photos, I believe it is an authentic LV Jasmin.

    I, too, wonder about the buyer's motives. I agree with Jenna I hope she isn't trying to do a bait and switch move on you where she gets a real LV and her money back and you are stuck with her fake bag.

    Fayden, what is her track record like? I just wonder if she has pulled this crap on someone else.