I am really going to need your help in a few days!! EEEEK!

  1. Due to the price increase, I've ordered three bags. I don't know which one or two I will keep, but I CANNOT keep all three. Sending one back is going to be hard but I HAVE TO BE STRONG!!!! :s

    I ordered:
    Damier Speedy 30
    Damier Ribera MM
    Mono Speedy 35

    I'm SO EXCITED for all of them to arrive but I probably won't have all three until the end of the week. The Speedy 35 shipped today, the Ribera shipped yesterday, and I just ordered the Speedy 30. I know it sounds like a bag freak-out frenzy, but I promise it's not. haha. I just sold two of my MJ bags to fund this little spree. :yes:

    I don't know how I'm going to choose!!!! It'll probably be the Speedy 35 and one of the Damier bags...

    Any thoughts/opinions? Which one would you send back?
  2. I'd send back the Ribera.. I'm not too much a fan.. just me though :tup:
  3. as u already pick the mono speedy 35, i would say to send back the damier speedy 30
  4. Damier speedy, but I'm a speedy freak....I have 4!!
  5. girlsgottoshop - you would send back the damier speedy or keep it and send back the Ribera?
  6. i'd keep the damier speedy.
  7. Is the damier and ebene or an azur, what else do you have in the pattern.
    Do you have any mono speedy's
    Hard decisions, I had to make one recently and still second guessing myself
    Good luck
  8. I would send the damier speedy back. You will get a speedy and a damier bag: always get variation...
  9. keep both speedies...
  10. Whoa girl! I'm actually not a huge Speedy fan and don't see the need to have two, so I'd keep the Mono Speedy and the Damier Ribera.

    You're going to kill me for this, but have you looked at the Epi Bowling Montaigne? I'm obsessed with it.

    Do you think the Speedy 35 will be ok for you size-wise?
  11. Keep both speedies! I don't care for the Damier Ribera at all (too stiff)
  12. I'd say send back the damier speedy. This way you have more of a variation.
  13. Definitely keep the speedy's!
  14. Keep the mono 35 and ribera. I prefer damier bags with a little bit of structure so i'm not a big fan of the speedy 30 damier.
  15. I'd say keep the Mono Speedy and the Damier Ribera! That way you'll have more variation. The Ribera's very cute!