I am really getting confused the more I look at this blog....

  1. I am sure you have the same problem as I have: the more lv I see on this site the more I want....and funds are not endless(sad but true...)

    First I wanted to buy goyard bags but while searching the internet I came across the epi sarbonne(briefcase) and I just fell in love....it is very very hard to make decissions these days.
    I used to be an all monogram and damier kind of boy, but lately I am sooo drawn to other bags as well....mostly to this wonderful site :love:

    Th epi never never made me go "whoa" but after reading your stories abut your epi bags and seeing so many delicate pics, I am tempted to find a sarbonne epi bag for myself....I would have loved to find one with the old, gold hardware but I am sure it will be hard finding that.

    also, which color is better: black or blue with this bag? remeber I am a man, but already have tons of black bags....

    how on earth do you ladys handle this situations? how do you choose which bag to get in the end?
    do you ever regret buying things you fell in love with because of others?
    A dear friend of mine likes to call me lemming for finding most bags cool after seeing it on someone or on here.....

    I am very sorry if there have been simmilar treats in the past days, but I just felt that this was different to the other posts, so I hope nobody is annoyed by my posts:sad:

    thanks for your patience anyway
  2. Since you already have many black bags, why not get a blue one? It is hard to choose just one bag. I try to go to the boutique and see what makes my heart flutter :biggrin: I choose a style that I know will get the most out of. This forum is a very bad, bad influence :P
  3. I would say go with the Blue because you already have black, But choose what you really love.
  4. hmm, but wouldnt the blue look too uch on a man? but on the other hand, hermes even has blue jean briefcases for men.....input appreciated

    hee hee:flowers:
  5. black is always a classy color. Blue is maybe more casual? Depends on your outfits/wardrobe.
  6. Try calling LV and ask about the sarbonne epi in gold hardware. I was just at the LV store and had asked about the red epi speedy with gold hardware. They had some in stock so I'm sure you'll get an answer.
  7. i reckon you should go with what you feel more comfortable with! you have to be IN love with your bag... and if you LOVE the black more then go the BLACK!

  8. I don't think so IMO. I see men carrying damier and MC pieces all the time. Or maybe it's just my location. :biggrin: Whatever you feel comfortable with hennaria , go for it.
  9. okay ladies....blue then!


    but I wont be able to buy the goyard bag then.....god decission you think??
  10. As I always said, GO TRY IT ON!! That is when you will know what truly fits you!! I love this site, not cause it makes me want more, but cause it lets me enjoy others purchases vicariously! It is always nice to get an opinion from others, but unless they know us, it is a decision only you can make. Go and play in LV, till you find what you want, come back with a pic and we will celebrate with you!!
  11. If I had to celebrate all of my new bags(or other´s new lvs for that purpose...) I would end up being drunk non stop

    crazy bunch of people we are, but fabolous crazy people at least:love: :lol: