i am really DONE after this.... bought another bag!!!

  1. all 3 in a month.... my DH says i can keep them all.....so i will! :lol:
    my new azur speedy 30! :p :heart:
    DSC07887.JPG DSC07888.JPG DSC07886.JPG
  2. That's nice.. congrats!
  3. they are so pretty together! last one eh? riiiiiiight....:graucho:
  4. Looks good, love them all!
  5. gorgeous bags for a gorgeous woman!
  6. thanks guys......!:p

    i know....i keep saying.....riiiiiiight to myself in my head....!:roflmfao:
  7. Congrats on the new bag!!! I'm glad you can keep them all!!! :nuts:
  8. Congrats! All so different but beautiful together.
  9. Congrats!! very nice haul...not to mention hubby lol..last one..yeah right :p
  10. congrats they are all lovely
  11. congrats nice collection
    love the azur
  12. Your hubby is so sweet!
  13. congrats! all 3 bags are fab!
  14. Congratulations! They are very cute.
  15. CONGRATS! Loves it!