I am really disappointed! What should I do??

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  1. I won this auction on Saturday and received it today.


    In the listing she said that it has only been used once. Then she answers in one of her questions "it's perfect in every way".

    What I received was a bag that had yellowed. There is some kind of stuff/food on the handle. There is a little black spot on one of the corners on the back. There is slight transfer on the back and some other smudges and spots. I know that not everyone is kind to their bags, but this one obviously had been used more than once unless it was once for a really long weekend.

    Anyway, it's really hard to photograph this color bag in my home lighting, so I'm hoping you can see these.

    I will also post comparison pics of my other '06 and my current "white" Ergo.

    Am I being too picky? I got a super deal, so am I making too big a deal of it. Not too long ago I sold one that was that color and the same year and it was a HUGE difference. Mine looked new and smelled new. I kept it bagged in my closet. She even shipped this flat in a shipping bag.

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  2. Yuck! i see the food! no! you are not making a big deal. she stated that it had been used once, in perfect condition and that is not what you received! If you are not happy w/what you received send it back! email seller, tell her these things and work something out YOU are satisfied w/!!
    IT's your money, and you paid for what she misrepresented! How dissapointing! that bites!
  3. Yah, I can see what you mean. I'd start by emailing your concerns and the pictures to the seller and see what she suggests.
  4. Deborah, you are not having a good ebay week, are you? I think that totally stinks!!! When I say "excellent condition" you can bet it looks better than some of the bags you get at the store!! Even if you got a good deal, I would ask myself if I would have still bid on it knowing the condition it is really in. If so, then let it go. If not, contact the seller and ask for either a return if you want to return it, or maybe a percentage off. I bet she isnt as accommodating as you were to your nutjob buyer, however. I know you were really excited about this one - that really sucks. Can it be cleaned up enough for you to be happy with it?
  5. I don't know if it can be cleaned. I don't want to do anything if I want to return it. The pic where the flap is open, you can slightly see where the color has changed from under the flap to the other parts of the leather.

    You are right about not having a good eBay week. I also got a couple of really cute coin purses from a seller. I specifically asked her "do these have ANY smoke odor" and she said no, they are from a smoke free home. They reek of smoke. They are so cute though so I'm hoping I can air them out.
  6. ^^^ does your mailman smoke? I have had that problem before :sad:
  7. LOL... Yes she does! She came to our door with another package and she reeked. I said to my husband that she stinks. But the smoke smell wouldn't have seeped into the package and onto the fabric, would it?? Because I still smell it when I hold it to my nose.
  8. I don't know. I guess probably not terribly, but it could leave some faint odors.
  9. IDK, I think you should return it. I honestly dont think the bag has been used one time only. I would sent it back, sorry this happened to you. I hope she refunds your money with no problems.
  10. It does,especially if they smoke in the truck. I knew someone who had the same problem, and she knew the items were frm smoke free home/stores.
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    Thanks! I just messaged her:

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  12. I'm sorry, but if she said it was only used once and "it's perfect in every way", then she should have to put her money where her mouth is! I would definitely be trying to get a refund or partial refund at least. I hate when people over exaggerate how great a bag is and then you have to be disappointed that they lied. I'm sorry that this happened. But, maybe she will make it better.
  13. I think you just answered your own question...if it makes you cringe, you are going to feel that way everytime you want to carry it, even if it can be cleaned! Good luck getting your money back!
  14. i dont think you should return it, just maybe ask for some cash back. if you really like the bag and she gives you the money back, im sure you can get something to clean it up and make it look new. but its completely up to you. i dar say you can have one of the magnetic closures "fall off" and pay the $20 to have it fixed and it should come back looking like new!
  15. Sorry this happened to you, I think you should return it and get your money back I see the spots and that was not used just one time:nogood: