I am ready to jump out of the window..its a long one...

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  1. Okay, I am generally a very nice person :smile: but this eBay experience is making me lose my patience.

    I rarely sell stuffs on eBay mostly because I dont want to sell any of my LV stuffs unless I have to.
    So basically this time I have to sell my old LV wallet to fund my new one. And unlike bags, I dont like to collect wallets. One wallet can last me a long time and I never switch wallets when I switch bags.

    I got this LV wallet in 2003 from an LV boutique. So I know its authentic. As usual I always keep the original auth tags and the receipt...just in case.

    So on the posting, I mentioned that I have the tags and the receipt, and nothing is wrong with the wallet, still in great condition for something that I have been using for almost 4 years everyday.

    I checked everyday in case I have questions and I got some here and there. And today at the end of the auction I saw that someone won the wallet for 89 bucks (which I thought was super cheap considering the condition of the wallet). Thats a fraction of selling price in LET TRADE.

    So I sent this person an invoice and instead of paying she asked me numerous questions (we had at least 15 email exchanges). She was asking me if I have the store bag, box, the dust bag etc. And I said no. I have a box and tags and receipt and I will send them to her.

    Then she started asking me to send pictures over. I sent her some then she kept asking for more pictures.

    Please note that in the posting I clearly put "Please ask questions before bidding" so I found the email tags very annoying, especially when she already won the auction. Especially after her asking the same questions over and over. Not only that, in the auction, I put that I will only ship to US but this person lives out of the country. I am thinking if she wants to pay for shipping I will ship it although that will take longer process in the post office (dealing with custom paperworks etc). She was trying to bargain down the shipping cost so I finally told her that she can send me the shipping cost amount that she thinks is appropriate and I will bill her later if it ends up to be more.

    After more questions about LV stamp and request for more pictures, I finally told her that if she is not confident about the item, I would not be comfortable to send it to her either and rather have someone else thats more comfortable with the item to take it home. She finally said that she will send me payment.

    Honestly this is the hardest transaction that I've ever had in eBay. Am I being too mean? Must be my preggo hormone makes me lose my patience that easy. I sold 4 other items at the same time and by the time I check my email , I already got payments for all four of them.
  2. you sound completely reasonable to me, love.
    the buyer, on the other hand, is nuts!
    I would say your patience is infinite!
    ; )
  3. It seems that when it is too hard it is too hard. As you said, "ask questions before bidding." The harder you try the more likely this Buyer is to cause a problem. Better to pass, refuse payment, and move on. (Oh, and damn the neg if it comes =) I mean, really? What are you going to do when this buyer complains after you have shipped it to her out of the country? Enjoy uor preganancy and don't let the bastard get you down (excuse me, the polite term for that is non illigitimati carborundum =)
  4. This buyer sounds like a PITA who doesn't bother to read auctions. I'd tell her you said in your auction that you don't take bidders from her country, and you aren't going to sell to her. I seriously doubt that you would be able to get more $$ from her if the shipping turned out to be more than your estimated. Plus shipping international is a pain. I wouldn't consider this worth my time for $89, but maybe that's just me.
  5. Sorry for your annoying experience, but I think you can easily fall back on "US buyers only." She didn't qualify, she shouldn't have bid in the first place, you are completely within your rights to refuse her payment and refuse the sale. (And if $89 is too low for your comfort, relist it at a higher price, or with a reserve.) Not worth sweating it!
  6. Ugh, I wouldn't send to her. If she's creating this many problems now, just think once she gets it! She may claim lots of untrue things, and you may get screwed. I'd say tell her you're not comfortable with the sale anymore and sell to someone else!
  7. I think you have been way too nice. Once she started asking all those questions I would have told her you could not ship internationally as stated in your listing.
    I understand a buyer has questions, but it is only fair to ask them prior to bidding. She sounds like she's more trouble than she's worth.
    Good luck with that one!
  8. Welcome to eBay! :shrugs:

  9. I completely appreciate that this must be incredibly frustrating for you (particularly in your condition - congrats, BTW! :flowers: ) and 15 questions does sound extremely excessive. :yes:

    On the other hand, I think it is perfectly reasonable to ask a few questions after the auction ends and to ask for more pics; whether the seller states 'Please ask questions before bidding.', or not.

    In the Authenticate This ... threads, we are constantly encouraging, understandably, nervous buyers to ask for more pics and ask questions, before they part with their money; to try to avoid all the scams that go on every day on eBay.

    I understand that your wallet is authentic and that you are an honest seller, who wouldn't pull a bait & switch, send a wallet in SNAD condition, or no wallet at all, but there are many, many, that would. :sad:

    We should remember that it is often very hard, if not impossible, for a buyer to ascertain who is an honest seller and who isn't, for sure.

    Unless your shipping fee is totally unreasonable, I think this behaviour is unacceptable.

    She bid on an auction that stated that the item would only be shipped within the US and you don't have to ship to her, at all.

    The least she can do, IMO, is to pay your fee (assuming it is reasonable, as I say).

    Shipping fees not only cover the cost of the shipping, they also cover the materials used to pack the item and (to a certain extent) the time taken to pack and send the item.

    At this point, I think I would be seriously wondering whether I should send this item to her, at all, especially as I didn't have to. :shrugs:
  10. Eh, I say just tell you don't ship outside the country and relist the item :smile: It sounds like the hassle and the stress caused isn't worth the sale.

    Take care of yourself. Good luck with the pregnancy!
  11. I agree with chloehandbags that it may well be someone recommended to her to ask all these questions post -sale. I also don't think that asking is the issue. 15 questions is a bit excessive and for me it is always about the tone of the emails (being polite always helps..)

    BUT, bargaining for shipping costs is not ok. I would tell her the amount shipping with trakcing and insured (whereever it may go??) will cost you, because if you send differently you may be scammed. if you send to her, I would not send the original receipts etc but only copies with your info blackened out. you may need that later.... you never know. i would also take a whole lot of pics, preferably with the date in the pic (have yet to figure out how to do that with my camera...).

    sorry to sound really stressful but 90 dollars is 90 dollars you don't want to lose, that would be even more stressful. if you are not willing to go through this fuss, just refund her and tell her that you don't ship out of US.

    i have to say though that I have resorted to taking pics of everything i send out, just to be on the safe side.
  13. I wouldn't like to deal with such a buyer, so sorry you've got to handle all this. I agree with the rest, tell her you ship only within USA. And as for shipping to her first at her quoted rate then billing her for more later if it exceeds, I really don't think this buyer will pay the top-up.
  14. You are way too nice. As soon as the questions started to come I would have put on the brakes. But Hey, this is Ebay. Live and Learn!:heart:
  15. Hmmm, she's kinda annoying. Would not like that buyer ;/