I am ready my first Hermes but which one? HELP!

  1. :yahoo: Okay, after months of oohing and aahing at your beautiful hermes, I have finally convinced myself and my PHH :yahoo: that I need one. Went to the Hermes in Ala Moana in Honolulu but found no birkins. I however saw some kelly's in blue jean and a dark brown.
    I need some expert advised as to which would be a good first hermes. I know I may have to settle for a kelly since the birkins are harder to come by but I need help. Is the 28 a better size, I am a very petite 4'11" gal and do not want to look like I am carrying a luggage if I get a big size. And I am drawn to the orange(?) one.
    HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. If you're 4'11", I think a Kelly 28cm will be a good size for you, and a Birkin 30cm or HAC 28cm will also look good on you. However, size is also a matter of preference, but if you don't want the bag to look like a luggage on you, then definitely try for Kelly 28cm, Birkin 30cm, or HAC 28cm.:flowers:
  3. 28cm Kelly in Potiron or orange would be fantastic!!!

    (It's my dream bag! :love: )
  4. I'm 5'0" and anything above a 28cm looks like a suitcase on me. Just my opinion, though.
  5. Hello BagShoeLover, as someone here once said, "welcome to the dark side"! :lol:

    I agree with koukanamiya; a Kelly 28, Birkin 30, or HAC 28 would be great for someone of your height. I'm 5'1" and I also think Kelly 32's are fine on me. Good luck! :flowers:
  6. Don't settle for anything. Buy a bag only if you love it. I know I sound like a broken record here but Hermes is too expensive to buy something you don't love. Don't "settle" for a Kelly. If you want a Birkin then search for a Birkin. Yes they are difficult to get but it is not impossible, where there is a will there is a way.:flowers:

    As far as size goes, 30cm Birkin or 28cm Kelly would be a perfect size for you. But if you like big handbags then buy a 35cm Birkin or 32cm Kelly. If you like the way it looks, that is all that is important.
  7. I am 5'1, and love my 30 Birkin and 31 Bolide (haven't gotten around to a Kelly). I am also thinking about getting a 35 Birkin.
  8. I totally agree! I am 5'1" and tried on a 32cm Kelly- it was perfect size wise for me.

    I also wholeheartedly agree with dianagrace- don't settle! At these prices, you should go after your heart's desire. It will be worth the wait!!!:tender:
  9. In Hawaii, all Birkins go right to the floor so you have a much better chance of finding one! Search as often as you can and you may get lucky.
    I agree that a Kelly 28 is classic and all-around beautiful. But if you really love the Birkin, it's worth the wait and the search!
  10. I agree with dianagrace. If you're going to be putting this much in for a bag, you need to be absolutely happy with it. If there's even the smallest doubt, do NOT do it!!! Yes, Hermes can be hard to obtain, but YOU yourself is still the most important - after all, you're the one who is paying them so you gotta be absolutely ecstatic about your purchase~
  11. I am 5'2" and Birkin Hac 32 looks just right for me but you just have to judge yourself when you try the bag. It's a big investment for a bag so better be sure you get what looks the best on you. Just my2cents.:smile:
  12. Thanks for all the great advice. I love the birkin because if the ease in being able to get in and out of the bag. But when I asked one of the sales associates, they do not even have a wait list. About a week ago, I saw one in Fuschia ostrich but the next day I went in it was gone.
    I actually own a Louis Vuitton Malasherbes which is their version of the Kelly and I actually love the bag and have gotten a lot of comments about it. Call it as a test run.
    But I am not to sure if I want to wait too long for the birkin especially now that my PHH have finally agreed to me having an Hermes.
    So for a Kelly, what type of leather would be the lightest, I am actually considering a chevre but I don't know if it is available.
  13. Wait wait wait ... you saw a FUCHSIA OSTRICH BIRKIN?!!!!!! What size? It was just on the shelf like that?!!!!:wtf: :nuts: :nuts:
  14. Chevre is amazing! It is absolutely gorgeous and lightweight. It would be a perfect choice!!!
  15. Yes, I think it may have been the 35:heart: . It was beautiful. They even have a kelly in fuschia ostrich 25.:heart: But like I said ,the next day it was gone.