I am rather bored, so an odd question............

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  1. Ok, this is a strange question , but as I said, I am bored ...
    Do you find that you take on a different personality based on the bag you are carrying?

    For instance.. I am sure that when I can use my Bayswater, I will feel oh soooo special.
    My LV ALma, I feel a little showy and snobby, Kate Spades, a little preppy. I have an Isabella Fiore bag that is very feminine. See what I mean?? I do think that I need a sexy bag, though. As I look in the closet, nothing screams tart!!!

    So how do your hanbags make you feel??

  2. Hi Kroquet

    Have you seen the evening bags on the Mulberry website - gorgeous!!

  3. Yes, they are gorgeous, but I am afraid I wouldn't get much use! I am and will be lusting after a brown or oak come next May for b-day!!
  4. How do my handbags make me feel ? Mmmmmm..................broke !!!

    No joking apart , I know what you mean , I just don`t have enough bags to be able to comment!!
  5. Great thread!! Its quite true that I will choose a bag for how I feel!! The roxy comes out when I want to feel a bit more rock chick(rather old turkey than a chick hahaha!!!) When I feel a bit more purposeful I'll use the elgin,the blenheim is a bit small yet as Sophie still needs half the house carting with her,but I would use that with jeans and a tee for a more laid back look. I know its not a Mulberry but tht YSL makes me feel quite ladylike(if I don't open my gob!!) and the reason I got it is to got with my nice ladylike summer stuff,and I am toying with the idea of a colored bag now,I think when I see one and it fits with a 'slice' of my character then it takes on part of my personality in a strange sort of way,does that sound a bit odd???!!!!!

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  7. Absolutely! I choose the bag I'm going to carry depending on what 'personality' I want to convey that day.
    If I'm having a business meeting it'll usually be black Alana; tomorrow I'm doing a photo call so I'll probably take olive Phoebe and when I'm out shopping with friends or casual at the weekend I sling on chocolate Soho.
  8. Gazoo!!! Thats so funny!!!!
  9. I think I need Sarajane's red Mabel and maybe I would feel a little bit sexy. Yes, maybe a red bag.......:confused1::confused1:
  10. Hahahahaha!!! Poor Sarajane!!! She's getting reminded of the red Mabel on every thread!!! OOps!! Just done it again!! Silly me!!

    I can feel such a smack in the face coming off so many come the meet in May!!!!!!!xxxxxxxx
  11. I really want her to get that bag. Maybe I should start a thread and title it "GO SARAJANE GO!! She surely won't fly over to smack me!!!!
  12. Good point!!! And if she did I'm sure she would have calmed down by the time she gets there!! :tup::heart:
  13. OOO,WHERE HAVE WE ENDED UP!!!! Hahaha!!!
  14. yes when I wear my LV monos I feel kind of showy, snobby, but put together. When I wear my LV damier I feel very classy and conservative or business-y. When I wear my big leather bags I feel hip and trendy.
  15. I noticed that even different outifts can make you feel different ways. When I put on a tracksuit and a baseball cap, I feel sporty. Jeans and a cashmere sweater with Tiffany jewelry makes me feel casual but refined. A dress with my favorite pearls makes me feel like a lady. The new leather jacket I bought makes me feel like a total vixen. It's fun to wear these different personas!