i am psyched and need opinions!

  1. i just sold two bags on eBay and got a whopping 770 dollars!!!! HOORAY!!! i have about 400 to spend on a bag (who cares that i just got the kooba natasha and the bulga butterfly!!!)...i'm looking for a cute, not huge, everyday bag, e/w style, nice hardware...any suggestions! i actually found a really cute dooney and bourke Dooney & Bourke: Large Lock Sac which i saw irl and loved it...(that was before i knew it was a d/b...now i'm having second thoughts because i haven't used d/b in years and i'm wondering if it seems too "low end"...yes, i'm a snob)...so, any help or suggestions? i'd love 'em!!!
  2. oooo if you got that i'd be so jealllouuuuusss!

    i am STILL on Dooney.com and i keep DROOLING on the monitor every time i see that bag. PLEASE get it.

    and i'm about to post a Dooney question so pls read my thread, fellow Dooney lover :tender:

    please get that bag so you can take pix of urself with it so i can see just how perfect it is so i have to buy myself one :drool:

    this is my new kid i got it TODAY!

    Platinum Grey Dooney Medium Hobo

    :yahoo: i saved 115 dollars :yahoo:

    :love: i LOVE this expensive hobby:love:

  3. I saw the large lock sac in a magazine ad, and I loved it instantly. If I ever get around to buying a Dooney, I think it will be that one. I would get it. It's only $325, so you can use the other $75 for a cute accessory if you like.