i am planning to invest in

  1. about 6-8 peices for my collection (a chanel, a couple of loueys etc)

    and i was wondering if any of you ladies would recomend travelling (to ny etc) or purchasing via the internet i was wondering if money could be saved shopping this way

  2. That probably depends on where you are traveling from. For me, anything over 2000$ pays a one day trip to London as VAT and custom fees are around 40% in Iceland.
  3. since when did bags become considered investments? hee hee

    more like a liability, because after u buy 1, u keep wanting morea nd more!!
  4. i live in london,

    :yes: they are investments 2 me

    i want my granchildren 2 have access to vintage treasure

    not the motheaten rags my nan owns
  5. i have a £8000 budget by the way

    do u ladies think its worth hopping on a plane?
  6. It might be, but wouldn't it be cheaper to go to Paris from London?
  7. Head to Paris, Hermes and Chanel:girlsigh: :yahoo:
  8. Unfortunately, you can't buy a lot of brands online. . . there's no authorized Chanel oline, you have to order by phone or in person at a store.
  9. I don't get it... if you don't like "Loueys" why will you be buying one?
  10. I didn't realize that London....and Europe in general...were so bereft of bags that one has to travel to the U.S. to buy a purse! :wtf:
  11. You can't buy Chanel online... so you could either buy it by phone, talk to your local SA at Neimans or Saks and have it be brought in... or travel to one with them.

  12. i have never said i do'nt like loueys, i just feel that particular style of lv has been over done

  13. what kind of saving could be made buying chanel in paris?
  14. Isn't the VAT around 11% in London, you would get that back by going to Paris. I don't know if there is a price difference.
  15. Chanel was definately better to buy in Paris the last time I went (2 years ago). I am not sure about Hermes. If you have time do a check between Harrods/Selfridges and Paris Chanel. You may also be able to get a VAT refund.