I am picking up my new baby tomorrow....

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  1. Just thought I would let all you animal lovers out there that I am picking up my new baby tomorrow...She is a mini wirehaired Daxie and we have named her Nancy...I am very excited but a little nervous( We have a 13 yr Shi zu ,2yr old labradoodle and a 1 yr old persian cat) ..I really hope they are kind to the new arrival any suggestions...?Any way I will post pics at the weekend....Wish us luck...!
  2. gooood luck!!!
  3. Good Luck!!! cant wait to see pics of your new baby!!
  4. Good Luck :biggrin:
  5. Good luck..can't wait to see pics!
  6. Thanks...Just made up her bed...Summer and molly(my dogs) are looking as if they know what is to come....!
  7. Ohh, they are suspicious? I love the name, Nancy:smile: It's a great name for a girl dog. Please show us your new baby when she comes!

    No advice for integrating a new addition. We've had our dogs one at a time. Good luck!
  8. I can't wait to see pics!
  9. Pics, please!
  10. Good luck, it will be wonderful to have a new baby in the house. Pics please.
  11. Ohhh how exciting! Good luck and have a lot of fun picking her up!
    Looking forward to the pictures!
  12. Good luck, can't wait to see her! :smile:
  13. Well we are home...After breaking down half way...I had to call the AA....Oil leak....Anyway she is home...And we are in dispute about her name...Nancy or Maggie-May.....We have to wait for our middle daughter to come home 2moro from a sleep over....I will post pics tomorrow...Exhausted is'nt the word...!!!
  14. I cant wait to see the new puppy, soooo excited
  15. GL! Post pics!!!