I am organizing my shoes...

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  1. I always have a problem with finding my shoes in my closet. I decided to purchase clear shoe boxes from the container store and also take pictures of my shoes and tape them onto the shoe boxes so I know which shoes are in which box. I pics of some of my shoes, the rest of them are scattered in my bf's house and in Miami so I couldn't do all of them but here are some of my shoes for now...
    DSC00263.jpg DSC00268.jpg DSC00270.jpg DSC00274.jpg DSC00275.jpg
  2. Those platform loafers are gorgeous! Where did you get them?
  3. more..
    DSC00284.jpg DSC00267.jpg DSC00272.jpg
  4. they are YSL, they have them in the YSL stores in leather, velvet, suede, I love them!!
  5. ...
    DSC00273.jpg DSC00285.jpg DSC00286.jpg DSC00291.jpg DSC00290.jpg
  6. ur shoes are so cute! and thats a great organizing idea!
  7. ...
    DSC00293.jpg DSC00294.jpg DSC00295.jpg DSC00298.jpg
  8. some more
    DSC00296.jpg DSC00299.jpg DSC00300.jpg DSC00302.jpg DSC00303.jpg
  9. and more
  10. WOW!!!:nuts: :nuts: Those are GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I ADORE your taste! I just tried on the platform loafer's YESTERDAY in canvas! Last pair in black are in SANFRANSICO if anyones interested...just under $800. Yikes!
  11. oops, and I am need to finish taking pictures of my boots. When its smmer in NY i will bring my sandals back from MIAMI
    DSC00304.jpg DSC00307.jpg DSC00306.jpg DSC00305.jpg
  12. hee,hee, I also have the Stuart W.'s beach shoes in white and blue! They gave me bad blister's...:sad:

    YOU HAVE AN AMAZING SHOE COLLECTION!!!!!:nuts: :biggrin: :nuts: :biggrin: :nuts:
  13. I am short so they are ideal for me, I wear them with jeans all the time, day and night.
  14. Drool,drool,drool,drool,drool.......:love:
  15. Your making me want to order the pair in Sanfrancisco.....I am only 5"3. Last ones in Country. Hmmmmmmmmmmm........