I am only 30 but now I feel old, What does it mean when...

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  1. someone says they are rocking something??? I hear (or read I guess, lol) people saying that they rock their LV bags. I live in a small town and I never hear that here! Sorry if that is a dumb question
  2. I am guessing it means you wear something so well and make the bag work on you.
  3. I think you just received a compliment. Really enjoy your new speedy and you are not too old!:flowers: :yes:
  4. 30 you are sooo young...rock it to means wear a bag that YOU love with confidence and excitement...wear it well and really enjoy your piece and how it looks on you...you are still a young pup...whether 30 or 70 you can rock it!!!!! Love the expression that I discovered here on tpf.....Rock it girlfriend!!!
  5. Thank you everyone! I heard someone say it about my bag the other day and I had read it on here but was not sure what it really meant, lol I assumed it was something good but you know what they say about people who assume......
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