I am one happy bunny :-)!

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  1. Two of my new bags have arrived and I am sooooo pleased. Little Brooke came yesterday and she is in lovely black darwin :heart:. She is also surprisingly comfortable on the shoulder! So now it is ok to let mini Mabel go.

    Today my choco Kensington arrived, also in darwin. What a yummy chocolate! I absolute adore this bag, it looks so nice and really is the perfect size. I tried it with my golden heart keyring and it looks good :tup:. For a couple of days I have been worrying about having made a huge mistake when I decided to sell my choco Bays. Now I know it was the right move. The size of Kensington is better for me as an everyday bag.

    Now I am just waiting for "Jacquetta" or let's say the stripped version of Jacquetta ;).

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  2. Wow! Those bags are gorgeous!!! I really like the heart keyring on your Kensington, looks great!
  3. Congratulations Linnea. the kensington is lovely, and brooke to
  4. Both bags are gorgeous, Linnea. Congrats! I really love the chain on Brooke ... so cool :supacool:
  5. Linnea love the leather and hardware on both, really really lovely - good choices, and with your jacquetta to come - beautiful!! Choc, oak and black - all classic leathers - well shopped!!
  6. ^^Thank you all :heart:. I love the old style Mulberries and I think these bags will be great additions to my collection. I will take an updated family pic once the Jacquetta arrives.
  7. Brooke is a great choice! I've never seen a kensington in the flesh, but yours is really pretty.
  8. They look fab Linnea, you must be so happy :yahoo:

    Can't wait to see them together in your new family pic. Let's hope Jaquetta arrives soon!
  9. Congratulations Linnea!
    I think Kensington is such an overlooked bag, it looks lovely in choc.
  10. Wow both are lovely - the kensington looks gorgeous in chocolate - it is the perfect sized bag! Congrats to you - enjoy them!!
  11. wow very nice. enjoy it in good health!
  12. Beautiful bags Linnea, I love them both! Brooke is super cute and I relly like Kensington in choco. Congrats!
  13. Thank you ladies! I had not seen choco Kensington IRL, but I knew I could not go totally wrong. I love the style and choco is a fab colour. Tomorrow I will give her a good spray and take her out :yahoo:.

    Maybe I need to get out more often just to get an excuse to get Brooke out of her sleeping bag...
  14. Both are super your very lucky, you choose well xxx
  15. Great bags!!! Hope you are pleased with jaquetta when she arrives!!