I am on the waitlist for the expandable tote but I am worrying about the stitches...

  1. as I read that some of you who have had problems with the stitches fraying on bags from the expandable lines. Can I see some pics of those fraying stitches and get an idea how does it look like? Does anyone not have a problem with the stitches? I saw the red expandable tote pic posted by roey and love how it looks on the pic! But I kinda worrying about the stitches after reading some TPFers with that problem. Any thoughts?
  2. I haven't had any problem with fraying on my tote from this season.
  3. I am on the list for this tote too! Although there were a few threads about the fraying threads, I think there are more positive reviews then negative.
  4. I played with that bag at the trunk show and could not handle how delicate the stitches were.....I'd be a nervous wreck with it.
  5. I got no problem with the stitches on my exp. tote so far.
  6. the expandable is one of the most gorgeous i have ever seen, and i examined it closely at 2 trunk shows. honestly, the stitches, which are fairly thick for a Chanel, seem to me like they would snag............it would make me a nervous wreck too
  7. I have same concern and I stay away stitched bags all together. I saw a light beige classic medium size single flap with matte gold hardware at SCP. I really like it but it's stitched bag.
  8. no problems yet.
  9. I considered getting one, but after hearing how they snag, I decided against it. The bags are gorgeous though!!!
  10. I asked my Chanel SA about this yesterday--whether they were having issues with returns because of pulled or fraying stitching. She said only one bag has been returned for repairs because the owner "caught" the stitching and made a large pull.

    This bag is gorgeous, but I'm still on the fence. Even a slight pull would make me crazy!
  11. during my search for an expandable flap, an sa told me that pulled stitches is going to be the nature of the beast because of the thick thread. also, he said that over time, you can expect the stitches to pill because the thread is natural cotton.
  12. The stitches were the only reason I didn't get the exp. flap this season. Snagged threads would drive me crazy and they do look like they would get snagged fairly quickly.
  13. Are the stitches the same type/thickness that were used on the spring/summer Expandable?

    I haven't seen the new fall Expandable tote, IRL... I'm waiting for it though.
  14. Jayne, i'm not sure.......:confused1:
    i thought there was only one "series" of expandables................thats what i am referring to, they are drop dead gorgeous but that stitching is really thick as far as Chanel purse stitching goes...................to me, really, there are only a few acceptable "funky/worn" looks in a high end bag:
    1. LV honeying of handles
    2. Dior Gaucho scratches on leather
    3. Chanel Outdoor Ligne scratches on leather

    i couldnt handle pulled/worn/thready:nogood: Expandable stitches
  15. jayne, i think the stitches in the upcoming fall expandable lines will be the same as the summer ones. I checked out the expandable flap and tote from this summer collection yesterday again....the thread is thick but they don't seem loose to me and so I am not sure if snagging is really such an inevitable problem. I think I will wait for the tote to come out and see.

    I really wanna see some pics of how the stitches got pulled/snagged.