I am on the verge... should I do it? Please Help!

  1. I have been fortunate to acquire all the H-bags that my wife has wanted so far. That is, except for one - a black 35cm togo/clemence/fjord Birkin with palladium hardware(why are they so hard to find?). No matter how hard my SA and I try, we haven't had any luck so far. And since Valentines Day is around the corner, I really want to get my wife the one thing left that she really wants.

    I've been browsing on the internet and noticed that eBoutique has one. She is listed on the Reputable Sellers list here, but has anyone here actually bought a Birkin from her? I would love to hear from you if you've had.

    I've contacted her by email and she seems very nice and helpful, but I'm still a bit worried. It seems so risky to buy from a reseller - to make a wiretransfer of thousands of dollars and then sit, wait and hope that you'll get a new AUTHENTIC Hermes Birkin. Is it just me or does that sound a bit crazy?

    I'm very close to pulling the trigger. Should I do it? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!
  2. The lack of replies is making me more worried. Maybe I shouldn't go through with this...?:wondering
  3. Skim, check out the discussion about recommended resellers :smile: Just do everything insured and IMO you should be okay. I've heard good things about eboutique.
  4. Thanks razorbackbelle0. I really hope everything will be okay as well!

    I just read that another TPF member recently bought a croc Birkin from eboutique and that the transaction went well!
  5. Get your wife the bag!:tup:
  6. you are so sweet and nice to get the birkin that your wife likes. i think eboutique is a great reseller authentic stuff but i haven't transacted with her yet. Good luck!
  7. One of our members bought a very pricey bag from her the other day and it all went A-OK!
    Get your wife that bag!
  8. As another H-providing husband, this is the fear that I have most. And decided not to chance it as the only 100% proof of authenticity and not being ripped off is through the H boutique. I have been tempted to go that route to acquire the bags but I still couldn't. Plus the satisfaction of landing one via a boutique and not wondering where the bag really came from...I know that others have taken a chance getting theirs from a reputable reseller and there are good ones other there but of course with that premium which I think some is just too too much (at least for me) but you know the laws of supply and demand...

    I've contacted resellers and I usually ask if I can see it before purchase (even if not possible)...some do say yes some I never hear back again making me distrust the seller....so beware! But then again, even if they let me see the H bag...I am not really that well versed on its authenticity...so I am still in a fog. I just don't want to be wondering if I purchased the real thing for as long as my wife has the bag...just make sure your risk is well calculated and well-based if you are going this route. Personally, I'd play it safe.
  9. Completely OT--->>>>>

    WOW, I think this is a very special moment....one DH enabling and advising another DH, right here on the PF!!

    You are just such great guys!!! I hope you will get yourselves something nice at H as well.....(if you havent already!!!)