I am on the hunt... Need some help ladies!

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  1. Okay, most of you know what I'm going through... I'm desperate for a chocolate/wine matinee. Has anyone seen one, maybe even on sale? The only place I can find one (at full-price) is at Funky Lala, and we all know they don't have coupons.

  2. I thought they were offering a 25% off non-sale items??? I think there was a thread on it. :shrugs:
  3. that's the only place I've seen it too. I got one off of ebay a while back and I love the color combo, plus the leather is so silky smooth and soft. I hope you can find one, you won't be disapointed.
  4. Yeah, I think it was just for Easter wkd... anyone got other sighting/ideas/help??? Thanks.
  5. redskater, do you have pics? tell me about yours.. i'm thinking about paying full price!!
  6. i think funkylala is your best bet unless you want to wait for it on ebay to pop up.
  7. or maybe Bluefly, but that's risky!
  8. NMarcus- I ordered an Emerald MAB from them during the easter sale. I got an email from them today that they are still trying to get the bag for me, and will update me in a few days.

    The SA told me that if they were NOT able to get the bag for me, THEN she would apply the 25% off code for me still on another bag if I wanted it. I will let you know if they can't get my bag, and then I can ask the SA if i can let you have my code.

    I'll let you know soon though!
  9. Wait I'm confused! Do you want a Chocolate Matinee OR a Wine Matinee or do you mean the Chocolate Matinee with Burgundy flaps?
  10. Was the emerald available on their website as a preorder? I just preordered the black/ black basketweave MAM with a ship date of about 4/15. Just curious...
  11. ^Were you able to use a code for it? (From FLL, right?)
  12. Yes, FLL. I haven't been able to find one but I know at one point they would match coupon codes so I have an email to Lizzy inquiring about it.

  13. i also just emailed Lizzy about discounts cos i just preordered the black basketweave MA. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  14. mmarcus- I posted pics of this bag on the matinee pics thread.
  15. Gung, I'm looking for the Chocolate Matinee with Burgundy... Thanks!