I am on a chocolate ban, but...

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  1. But, this Bonbon snuck home with me! Please welcome my teal Bonbon, I got her a few days ago but I was slow to post pics, sorry! At any rate I agree with the other "nobs" owners that they certainly have a strong smell! lol! Thanks for sharing my excitement!
    The pics are clickable, sorry I am a horrible photog!

    m_BonBonTPF 001.jpg m_BonBonTPF 002.jpg m_BonBonTPF 003.jpg
    m_BonBonTPF 004.jpg
  2. OMG I LOVE IT! way better than the pink! YOUR SO LUCKY!!!
  3. Congrats! No modeling pics? :graucho: Love the teal with the pink!
  4. can you model her?
  5. AHHH! :dothewave::party:
    I'm so happy for you, OMG - it's stunning!!!! Congrats, yayyy :heart:33
  6. Oh! It looks more turquoise than the others...it is? I love this bag! Congrats!
  7. Congrats, your Bonbon looks amazing! :drool:
  8. It looks so pretty!!! The colors remind me of Miami Vice! :smile:
  9. Stunning, just in time for Spring and Summer.
  10. YAY IPB!!!!! congrats!! :yahoo: so what's next? :graucho:
  11. So pretty! Congrats!! :drool:
  12. E,
    Congrats on (finally) getting IT !!
    I absolutely LVoe this color.....incredible !!!
  13. Congrats, I'm SO jealous.
  14. Congratulations Irishpandabear! You've really amassed some fantastic LVs over these past few weeks!

    Love the teal bon bon! Would love to see modeling pics!
  15. Lovely!:love::drool: I am eagerly waiting for a teal but don't think I will get one.:sad: