I am on a Chanel Boycott!

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  1. I read a quote from Karl Lagerfeld today that he said he "hates all children". He should keep that kind of stuff to himself...he is showing what an awful person he really is.:tdown:
  2. LOL - he is truly nuts!!
  3. he comes off as arrogant, uncaring and selfish. Very unappealing to me.
  4. Not everyone has to like children... And really, its KL. This isn't suprising.
  5. Aw, he's such an eccentric man LOL. I wouldn't take him too seriously if I were you.
  6. LOL I thought it was funny, and very honest. Its probably one of those "but you have to know him to understand" kind of comments. Here's what he said:

    Karl Lagerfeld on Children.
    Do you ever wish you had a son to pass on your wisdom to, to continue the Chanel heritage?
    That’s the last thing I want. I hate all children. For other people, it’s fine, but not for me. I was born not to be a family person.
  7. I actually thought it was funny too.
  8. I thought it was funny, and truthful, thank goodness he does not like children for himself.........Can't imagine him as a doting father LOL:heart:H
  9. I don't like children either and it puzzles me sometimes how anyone deals with them (i.e. teachers, ect) and why some people want them. I don't think it makes you a bad person.
  10. Me neither LOL!

    I love him anyway though, not to mention all of his wonderful Chanel designs.
  11. I think you shouldn't take him too seriously. I can't imagine him being a father anyway, I think his children will turn out as eccentric as him lol.

    BUT I still love him and his creations :yes:
  12. :wtf:
  13. I think only the word “hate” is too much. The fact that he doesn’t like children doesn’t bother me.

    I LOVE children, but I don’t like pets. That will not make me a bad, uncaring person.
  14. hauhuahuahauhau imagine this...karl junior (sounds like a yummy burger) a child with white ponytailed hair and those suits and matching gloves hahahahahahha
  15. hey, you forget the sunglasses!