I am on a bag ban and purge!

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  1. Bags i once thought I couldn't live without (but then never used) I am now trying to part with!

    I want to get my collection down to just THREE BAGS... is that possible?

    Ok maybe FIVE

    Ten at the most...


    PS. keeping my new slouchy tjmaxx find though!!! :smile:

    PPS. but if i see an amazing, affordable camo bag -- i might have to make an exception to the ban
  2. Good luck Spielberg1...it's always good to challenge yourself lol :smile:
  3. I couldn't get my collection to even 10 bags, more like 17-18 at least and that would be pushing it. I just want to get rid of the ones that I know I don't want anymore, and I'd still be left with like 25 bags or so.
  4. You should join Loquita's already existing thread. You will get lots of support there!
  5. You haven't given up that brown leather backpack of yours that you bought a while ago, have you?! To me, that was one of your much better bags that I've seen! :biggrin:
  6. good luck and i think 10 is a nice number :biggrin:
  7. Good luck!
  8. i want to see the slouchy TJ Maxx find i'm headed there. lol
  9. I am having a hard time with the ban but am with you on the purging. Too many bags and not enough days in the year to carry them! Good luck!

  10. the campomaggi? no way! campomaggis are LIFETIME bags for sure!

    grin -- thanks for remembering :smile:

  11. i will search her and check it out!
  12. did you find it?! they have them in NYC. a green one. two dark brown ones and a lighter camel color... :smile:
  13. :smile: