I am officially waitlisted!

  1. I called my local boutique today and waitlisted for the new vernis cles in violette. It is priced at 275cdn. I also waitlisted for the new monogram watercolour speedy but the SA was not even sure this was coming out. He sounded like I did not know what I was talking about but he said that if there is such a thing, he will put me on the waitlist. Can't wait...

    He said that the new vernis colour was coming out in March (well at least here in Vancouver...)

    Fingers crossed...
  2. Oh i am so glad you got on a waiting list.
  3. Congrats, you picked 2 great items!
  4. I too am on the waiting list for the watercolor speedy my SA said she did not know the launch date but she did know about them. Can't wait until they come out. I really want this bag.:yes:
  5. i'm just worried that it'll be too big for me. I already thought the speedy 30 looked like luggage on me.
  6. awww i am also waitlisted for the very 1st time~!!! I WL the week of Christmas for the violet/silver/gold hearts && the silver/gold cosmetic pouches! i have never WL before.. [never felt comfortable enough] but my SA is great, so i went for it :p
  7. I waitlisted for the mono watercolor, my SA said it would be May 1. It is going to be very limited according to the manager and they will only get a few in for the waitlist, none to put on display for sale. They had the price and the item number in the lookbook/pricelist they let me take a look at
  8. wow thanks for the info newcity lady. sa didn't tell me that, he actually sounded confused as to where am i getting all this info. but needless to say, im still on waitlist! haha
  9. How much is the watercolor speedy going to be?
  10. well as an update, i got my pochette cle in violette!

    as for watercolour speedy, i tried on a mono speedy 35 and it was way too big so i think ill have to pass on it.

    lalvgirl - i think itll be around 1185usd
  11. Me, too! I'm on the waitlist at my store. My SA did confirm the bag is coming but he didn't have too much other info for me.