I am officially on the Orange side now

  1. I have been reading this forum for ages already but haven´t really posted anything. Now that I have some H-things myselfl I finally decided to write since Nola encouraged me to do so.

    I visited H first time last November in Strasbourg. I only bought a Ulysses PM in rouge and a lovely cashmere scarf to a friend of a mine. (He just loves it btw.) Other than that I now have some carres, a tvilly and a plisse that I got last week. I love my plisse! It´s the most versatile thing ever!

    Some of the pictures are bad. The Plisse is Decoupages. I really like the colours in it. Sadly it´s so cold now here in Finland that I can´t use outside but I´m trying it on nearly everyday. :shame:

    Now I´m saving for Dogon and Picotin. I´m a student so I can´t buy everything I want. But I think that really saving for something makes it so much better when you finally have your new H-thing in your hand. I will go to Paris in April/May and will most certainly visit H there. :yes:

    So happy to finally be here!

    Huutis 365.jpg Huutis 368.jpg Huutis 380.jpg Huutis 206.jpg
  2. Congratulations, once you go to the orange side, there's no turning back! Your H items and your picture is stunning!
  3. Gorgeous H goodies! Looks like you will do well in the H side! Welcome to the addiction:p
  4. Eulalia, it looks like your collection is off to a great start! I love your scarves. Good luck saving up for your Dogon and Picotin- I'm trying to be good and save for an H bag too, but it's slow going! Welcome to the "orange side!"
  5. Everything you have is so lovely and so are you!!!! I love the color of the plisse scarf and twilly. Ulysses PM in rouge is also very nice. You have good taste. Thank you for sharing and welcome to Hermes world. :happydance::kiss:
  6. Welcome!!!!! I had an RAOK drop some H into my lap and before that, I had only loved it (for nigh on 17 years!)...never held it. Don't be shy anymore, stick around and chat with everyone! Everyone here is fabulous and it doesn't matter if you have H or not, it's for everyone that loves it as I can tell you do - you are saving for some great items!!!! :smile:
  7. Welcome! The side that you'll never regret (no good for the wallet thoug).
  8. Lovely pics! Congrats!
  9. Welcome to the H side -- where orange brings smiles to every face!!
  10. Thank you all so much for your nice words! :heart:

    I read your wonderful thread about your suprise gift. It must have been amazing feeling to get that kind of gift unexpectedly.
  11. More Finns :yahoo:WELCOME!!!
    You have an impressive collection already! :tup:
  12. Welcome!! Its nice to have you here!! x
  13. Welcome. You have a lovely collection.
  14. Super-cute, E! :heart: Welcome! :smile:
  15. Welcome Eulalia, I'm not Finnish;but my husband is and you look like you could be a member of his family! LOL They are all blue eyed blondes.
    I love your plisse.