I am officially going insane

  1. Okay, so I bought a signature ali in khaki/ebony and I :heart: it.. it is beautiful.. got it home, put my stuff in it and I don't love it quite as much.. it is a LITTLE heavy, nothing too terrible, but I can't stand the way it dents in and more importantly that I have to lift up the flap and undo the turnlock everytime..:tdown: I am thinking if I am going to spend that much money than I want to love it.. so now I am debating.. should I get the same color combo in the legacy shoulder bag?? Originally I went in for the carly, but the large is too big for me and the medium was beautiful,, but I wished it slouched more.. I can't decide what to get and I am going nuts!! I got it with my PCE so I want to trade it out while I can and still get the discount.. Any thoughts, ideas, or pictures?? tia!!
  2. Go for the shoulder bag!

    I agree that if you dont love the Ali, exchange it now.
  3. that was always my concern with the ali, it's gorgeous, but that big flap! Its my same concern with geranium, the big buckle thing. looks cool, but not as practical as I would like

    the shoulder bag is smaller, but it's definitely easier to get into

    exchange it for something you love
  4. Yeah, I have always love the look of the shoulder bag, and love the turnlocks but you aren't having to open them the whole time.. the only thing I didn't like is how it make the arm fat thing.. lol but I think you usually swing it a little past the arm anyway...
  5. If the Ali is too heavy, the shoulder will be a little lighter but probably not much. The shoulder also has to be unzipped each time you use it (unless you just need to get small stuff out of the front pockets) which I find is more difficult than lifting the flap on the Ali. It's a matter of personal taste I guess. Do you like the open tote bags? The classic shoulder totes are very lightweight and will hold a lot. They also are very slouchy.
  6. arm fat thing?

    I can't get mine over my elbow with one hand, but once I do, it fits great under my arm

    OH NO! I just realized Legacy shoulder is missing from my collection Class Pics! oops!
  7. I agree.. I think part of my problem of indecision is I have no boutique near me and my only major dept store is Dillard's and ours doesn't carry coach!! Vegas is 2 hours away but I have no way of getting there before Sunday so I either have to send it to the return dept and exchange it or have it shipped from the store I am hoping.. ugghh
  8. GET THE LEGACY SHOULDER! I love mine soooo much. It's ah-mazing. And so classy! It holds a ton and is not heavy, and it's a unique style and VERY comfortable to sit on your shoulder. It's so fabulous... :love: I got mine yesterday and I'm in love. I totally recommend it!
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  9. Are the shoulder bags still available? It is the one that razorback just got? If so, I haven't seen it on the website in awhile..I thought they were sold out. They are shown as no longer available in the Coach red book...

    Don't want anyone to panic--if it's the smaller one with one turnlock on the front, that's different. I'm talking about the one with two turnlocks on the front and the zipper top...
  10. Yeah, I think with the ali it's the bulkiness, but everything together is what makes it a no deal for me. :tdown: I don't mind zippers because I usually leave them open.. but I don't like the look of the turnlock for a long time if it is open.. you know?? I was also looking at the shoulder totes.. trying to see what they had in colors... hmm...
  11. That looks great on you!! That is the bag I am most tempted with, just trying to make sure since I don't have a store nearby... decisions, decisions.. :rolleyes:
  12. Yes, it is the one with the double turnlocks, I can't see it on the website in leather, but it is still available in the signature, I know that for sure.
  13. The black one isn't available but khaki-ebony still is.
  14. what about the ergo hobo?? anyone have that?
  15. Won't the medium Carly start to slouch more after you break it in a little?