I am officially crazy......

  1. Okay, I have literally purchased/returned/sold about 6 Carly's, all for different reasons including squeaks, size, colors, not sure if it was "thee" bag, etc... :shrugs: I just sold my medium khaki/saddle even though I loved it because I just thought there was a more perfect bag for me, sometimes I thought the carly maybe looked too slouchy and not like a nice $350 bag... ... so now that pce is conveniently over, I find myself wanting to get a chocolate medium carly!!! Am I sick or what?!?!?!? I just can NOT stay away from this bag! It's like the thing you hate to love, or love to hate!!! :confused1: I just had to share my carly craziness I just don't know.. and now pce is over, and the only ones on eBay are brand new and so they are going for retail or close to... sigh.. I guess I will just have to wait... :rolleyes:
  2. Oh yeah... the ol "love hate" relationship! :p

    I've been there many times with the LV Speedy!
  3. LOL Thanks for not making me feel so alone!!! I was wondering if I am the only one that feels like I need to be carried away to the coach crazy house?!?!? lol
  4. No you are not crazy you are just looking for "the perfect bag" as every purse fan does. I think I've finally found mine....:love:
  5. ahh yes.. we DO have similar issues... I love/hate my carly too!

    Just keep stalking eBay I guess... you never know sometimes you get lucky :smile:
  6. I feel your pain. I just returned my medium sig chocolate Carly yesterday and exchanged it for the Legacy Sig shoulder bag in brown (yes I still got 25% off even though it ended on Suday) but I still find an emptyness on my shoulder :sad:
  7. I feel your pain. I've got the same issues as yourself. Once the owner of 4 Carlys and now down to one......hate it.....slips off of my shoulder. Think Im completely DONE with carlys lol!
  8. oh man... so I'm not alone!!! lol Well, I didnt' have issues with it slipping off my shoulder, but I still have issues if you know what I mean!!! :rolleyes:
  9. hehe, i have the khaki/ beet and the chocolate. the khaki/beet is so bleh to me. i think i'm gonna sell it. but, the chocolate? mmm i luv it!!! today anyway..lol
  10. Nope, you are not crazy ;), I returned my med Carly too, the med is just small for my things and the zipper sort of annoyed me...unfortunately the large is too large for me. BUT everytime I see someone with Carly I :drool: and everytime I go into Coach I try them on because THIS time it will be perfect for me. Oh well, Carly is one bag that I need to just admire on others...but I am still in :love: with the Chocolate Carly.
  11. I had a Carly and returned it and now regret it. It looks great on others and I've tried it on a million times. Thinking about another one, I love the khaki/black and khaki/beet combos.
  12. yay!!! :tup: I just bought one! :roflmfao:
  13. you're funny! so Chelsea is not making you happy???
  14. ALL I CAN SAY IS.....LMAO!!!!!! Just DONT sell Chelsea!!!! PLEASE!!!!!! LOLOLOL
  15. actually, my chelsea is GREAT that is why I am even more sick!!! :wtf: I love her... she is a great bag... but I swear carly has cocaine on it or something lol I just can NOT let that bag go for some reason!!! :hysteric: I think another thing is I love brown and having the black chelsea, even though I love her, is different and she is my only bag so I miss having brown and that chocolate color is tdf... I am really really excited! I think I will have the black chelsea and the brown carly and not try so hard to only have one! That way I have my 2 great bags in both brown and black. :wlae: