I am officially boycotting Neiman Marcus

  1. I've decided, I am no longer shopping/ordering handbags from Neiman Marcus. Please bear with me...it's a long rant.

    Earlier this month, I started looking around to buy my yearly, beginning of the year handbag. I decided to buy a MJ Stam hobo, but my local Neiman's did not have it in stock, and the SA found it in Chicago so it was sent to me. When I got it, the interior of the Hobo Stam was stained with little black spots. It was clearly a USED return. So, I decided that the MJ Stam line was not for me (I've had some trouble with Stams in general which I have vented about in the MJ subforum) and returned it.

    Next, I decided to invest in a BV woven hobo. It's a bag that I've always admired, but never got around to buying, so I decided that it was time. Again, my local NM's did not have the bag in stock so it was ordered for me. When it arrived, the mirror that comes with the bag was missing, so I called the Tampa store (where the bag came from) and spoke with a really rude SA who hung up on me. I called back only to be disconnected again. At that point, I called my local NM's and an SA there found a mirror for me. After that drama, I thought all was behind me.

    I took my BV out for a short spin, being super excited about my bag woes coming to an end. When I got home that evening, I noticed a strip of leather on the bags "fraying" at the ends...noticeably fraying. I took it to the SA who helped me and she was also concerned with the condition of the bag and suggested that return it for another one. I'm the type of person that when something goes wrong, I tend not to try it again, so I gave up on the BV (for now...I think maybe in a while, I'll revisit it).

    Now, people might be wondering why I continue to stick with Neiman's for this ordeal....I have a huge amount of credit from them, so I feel like I have to BUY from them. In hindsight, I should have asked them to just send me a check.

    So, the other night, I saw this on the website:


    It's a Ferragamo and I thought it looked really wonderful, resembling my AC city tote. The leather looks really luscious and the color is amazing. So, I took the plunge and ordered it.

    Well, I got it this morning and guess what? The detachable shoulder strap is missing! I called NM.com and the rep said that she would overnight the strap to me. She tried to tell me that on their internal description, there is no mention of the strap. I read her the exact listing, which states that it comes with a detachable shoulder strap, and told her that even the picture shows a strap with the bag.

    I am crossing my fingers that the strap will be here tomorrow. I've decided, after this strap issue gets resolved, I'm done with Neiman Marcus. That's it.

    Thanks for letting me vent.
  2. I'm with you-I'm tired of ordering things from them only to have them cancelled-even though I received emails saying it was mine.:cursing: Then later having it cancelled-they need to get their website sales together!
  3. I would have just given up buy a bag for now, figuring somebody up there doesn't want me to have one.
  4. I'm sorry you've had such bad bag luck. :sad:

    I hope you like your new Ferragamo. I saw a woman carrying one while shopping, and it looked very nice. :yes:
  5. I hear all these horror stories about them, and now I feel like no matter what, I won't buy from them.

    Sorry to hear about all your troubles, and thanks for letting the rest of us know, so we don't get screwed too!
  6. What an ordeal! I hope the Ferragamo works out, it's beautiful.
  7. I'd be so upset if that happened to me. I hope you have better luck w/the Ferragamo. Love the color and the shape of that bag!
  8. It seems like lately there have been a lot of complaints about Neiman's being posted here. I was considering for a moment ordering a Gerard Darel they have on Last Call, but I think I'll pass if this is what I have to potentially put up with. I have never ordered from them before.
  9. You should go ahead and order it! The GD bag isn't as in demand as, say, the bags in the Premier Designer Handbags section, where the bags are so much more in demand and frequently oversold that there is more of a chance for your order to get screwed up. I ordered this bag from them a couple of weeks ago and I had ZERO problems with the order.

    I find that there are more complaints rather than praises to NM.com on purseforum, so here is my part to balance it out a little :flowers:
  10. My one and only visit to NM in Virginia left a bad taste in my mouth. First, the sales woman was all over me watching as I tried on bags and giving her unwanted opinions. I even stated to her that I would come find her when I was ready to make a purchase. Secondly, I did not like that I could not use my zero interest credit card, but had to use either AX or their NM card.

    I finally left disgusted and without a bag!
  11. I have had better luck with Neiman's than Saks or Bloomies online, and I personally think that Bloomies is the absolute worst!!! Plus, I like my local Neiman's store.

  12. I know!!! They stare you down at that place! They follow you around and stare! Its so rude and annoying. The only options aside from the AX or NM card, is either a check or cash. You would think such an upscale store would have better CS and do whatever they can to suit the customers needs! :confused1:
  13. I don't blame you--that's quite a string of bad experiences. I haven't had bad luck with NM, but you really have had unacceptable lack of service. How frustrating. I do hope the Ferragamo works out for you.
  14. Although NM has a great selection of "premium" designer bags--I know what you mean about their customer service and catty SA's. I think that's why I've always been a Nordy's girl--now if they could only get some of the brands that NM carries...

    My new philosophy is to only buy bags in person--it's just too tough to deal with the orders that are sight unseen unless you really trust the SA.
  15. ^You make a really valid point wicked. It just sucks when the bag you want is out of stock or that particular branch does not carry it. Although the DC area is getting much better in terms of handbag selection, it's still not that great. I should just save my purchasing for when I got to NYC.