I am officially a stalker. I saw a lady with LV Damier Speedy 30 and

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  1. I followed her into J. Crew. I wanted to get a better look at her bag. It looked great on her. It look so classic. Of course, she was decked out in J.Crew clothes but, the speedy looked fantastic. Now I want one. :girlsigh:

    I always wanted one before but, I already have a Saleya PM (that I hardly use because it is too small). Now I am thinking of getting rid of the Saleya and getting the Speedy 30. I Know I will not use both.

    What do you think? Is that a good move?
  2. Damier Speedy 30 is such a classic. It was my first LV bag! I highly recommend it. It's really roomy and can withstand any kind of abuse.
  3. I love this bag-but i do love all my LV's. She's a great daily bag, wonderful size and love the speedy shape!
    Sorry, never was a fan of the saleya shape, the damier speedy is a classic! :yes:
  4. I love my Damier Speedy 30!!!!!
  5. Hmmm... what's wrong with J. Crew?
  6. Hahaha you bag stalker! That's a funny post - thanks for the laugh!

    And I agree with you on the Damier Speedy. Trade in the Saleya!
  7. Get the speedy! I love my damier speedy 30 and it's sooo low maintance
  8. Nothing wrong with J.Crew. I love their clothes. I just wanted to say she was in causual wear but the bag made everything look even better. In fact I was looking for the jacket she had on. LOL
  9. Get the Damier Speedy! I love mine!
  10. Do YOU think there's something wrong with J. Crew?

    No one said anything bad about it... Duh! :smile:
  11. i would go with the speedy 30!
  12. I actually want a Saleya...I have a Speedy 25 azur already that I love, but I want a Saleya. I love the shape!
  13. This might be my favorite Speedy-- absolutely no maintenance, but goes with everything and holds everything.

    Actually one of the first Damier Speedys I saw IRL was in J.Crew!
  14. I am going to get mine sooonnn soooo soonnnnn:smile:))
  15. Damier Speedy is the best! It's a classic! Go for it!:yes: