I am offically 100% devoted to H!!!!!! (and store experince)

  1. (very sorry for the very long post but I am so excited)

    Well I had been an admirer of H for quite some time, and due to the problems i was having with Lv i decided it was time to move onto a new brand. (blessing in disguise maybe) So i have been posting on this board for a while, learning and admiring H (thanks GF and HG;)) So in light of the fact that I am becoming and adult in 1 1/2 months I am getting my 1st piece of Hermes (thanks to GF) hopefully the surprise hasn't been ruined for all of you yet!

    I needed to visit my H shop 1st in order to see the item GF is getting me in person. I felt horrible wasting the SA's time but i was so lucky that he was understanding when i explained the situation, its also helped that the exact model i was searching for wasn't available. The SA was great he took the time to explain everything and made me feel so comfortable, i had visited the H store few times previously and was always felt so uncomfortable, I would panic and sweat profusely (didn't help by the fact that the SA were sniggering whether or not it was about me.)

    Well today i decided to go to the shop again, the SA motivated me to get my 1st taste of H before GF comes back. So again i went in my lunch hour (which mind you is NOT a lunch hour kind of like eat and go back to work, your expected to eat in the office but i never do) So i walk in take a short walk and notice the same SA is there again, he actually approaches me and remembers me. (mind you it had been two weeks, and working at an upscale boutique myself i couldn't remember the clients i served yesterday lol)

    So I was in for a fragrance,(despite the fact that i have 5 (opened) and 15 (sealed) bottles of various perfume as gifts from friends, but i like to choose my own fragrance) The new Terre was what i was interested in but wasn't sold (i swear every time i tested it in a department store it smelt different) He showed me the most popular in mens as he didn't want me to try the full range, and confuse my smell. He introduced me to the Hermessence range which i had always been interested in, his signature Vetiver Tonka, which I quite liked. Then various others, and explained that the Hermessence may be mixed (suggesting Vetiver Tonka & Osmanthe Yunnan) and sprayed the mixture on my wrist. I liked the smell at first it was refreshing and delicious:nuts:, at that moment i was willing to purchase a fragrance (even though i admit they are more than overpriced) within the next ten minutes when i would make my decision. He gave me the ribbon smell samples insisting i wear the fragrances for a while to test them out. He searched the draw for the small vials to give me to test, he had run out of VT! i was a little upset since i wished to ware this most and i was leaning more toward it, (i was still more than happy with my OY sample.) Then my wonderful SA went above and beyond, and reached into his suit and pulled out his personal sample vial of VT. :wtf: Although there is only a tinny amount left in the vial I was so touched by this gesture, and thanked him profusely.

    I thanked him again before i left saying what a fabulous SA he had been to me, even though i have yet to purchase anything. I briefly explained how i had been disappointed with Lv, and that the new manger had disregarded my complaints. To my surprise he told me that the last manger from lv in now the new manger of Hermes (i guess all this time i had been following him/her lol) I also remembered to ask about the gm kelly double tour, he said that a shipment would be coming in soon and that next time i come in he would take my order.

    So i left with empty hands and a huge smile, knowing i had truly found the best fashion house and SA for me!

    since then i have been snififng my arm profusely, the mix of VT and OY is so addicting :drool:! i swear it smelt like the store! After the rest of the day working my arm still smelt as strong as when it was first applied I had never had such a great cologne, I am offically sold! Although unfortunately i cant afford to buy both fragrances :push: i will settle for VT and use the vial of OY to mix with it on occasions (with luck my sa will give me another vial next time;)) I cant wait till my next visit to pick up my new smell! :wlae:

    If you have survived thank you too much for reading my looooong post lol!
  2. Oh, cool! I hope I am there when GF picks your belt for you. I want to show her the JPG Kelly bracelet. This one has the Kelly closure that I know you love so much and will fit a guy. I even had my SA try it on. It's funny that your new manager used to work for LV. Some of the staff in my Alaskan store also worked for LV at one time.
  3. OHHHHHHH intrigued whats the difference between the JPG and regular kelly? there goes savings lol.
  4. what a cute story manolo - in the right time, you'll have your first ever H purchase!
  5. There's an extra opening. On a woman's wrist the first opening will fit leaving the rest of the strap to dangle. On a man's wrist, it will fit on the last opening. I have an idea!!!!:idea: Send GF the measurement for your wrist. When she gets to the store, we'll take measurements and see if this thing would fit you. How's that?
  6. Love a good story! Happiness for you and may your future visits be just as wonderful.
  7. good idea HG, I'll pm K tomorrow when shes online. So the JPK would be a long piece of leather with two kelly openings though the turn lock would affix to the second one? I do have a friend who is visiting NY in June so they may have some in stock then?
  8. ^^^Yes, exactly. It is not a double toure, just a single toure. Just send her the measurements and we'll see if it fits.
  9. Marvelous story. What a wonderful experience.
  10. Manolo, why don't you get the small size of the perfumes?

    They come in the large bottles and smaller travel size bottles (4 in a box) for about 100e. That's how I got multiple scents (other than sample sized).
    Each comes in its own little felt, which is so freaking cute!
  11. I enjoyed reading your experience, it seems we all have similar experience how we moved to Hermes from other brands and never looked back!:tender:

    Have fun shopping Hermes goodies!:graucho:
  12. Sorry i couldn't reply to my own thread since my internet has been down for the last two days! It happens so often i really need to switch companies anyway back to the more interesting topic.

    HG: I think i need to try it on though. (although i do prefer the double tour beggars cant be choosers right?) if K. does in fact buy it for me and it does meet my expectations i can exchange it at my store for store credit right?

    Perja: My sa suggested the travel set when we began looking at the hermessence range, though in my store you only get the 4 original Hermessence fragrances in a box hence I would miss out on Osmanthe Yunnan which is what i needed to make the scent i desired. oh well i will have to settle for the small vials till i can afford to buy a bottle. If anyone has any vials to spare you know where to send them lol :graucho:

    Everyone: thank you for your kind wishes and support, everyone is so lovely and helpful on this sub-forum!
  13. ^^Let me ask tomorrow about the international exchange, it's time for my biweekly pilgrimage. I want to be absolutely sure.
  14. NM, anything we buy in NY can be exchanged at our store. No probelmos! HG will be online during my stay in NY, in any case, so if you do decide you'd like the bracelet, you can let her know, and she can tell me!

    HG, I hope you're with me when we go shopping, too. I have serious maison to do, and serious small leather goods.....I'll need someone with a clear (and clever) mind to keep me on the straight and narrow!!
  15. By the way, who served you this time? PM me!